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WTB>Reskin (M) Seeker/Bm


Canceled, old part-If you saw it anyway.

New: WTB one of the following, has to be male :< (BM/Seeker reskins) Single handed.
Sentient Claymore.
Dimension Splitter.
Soaring Spirit Sword.
Destroyer of the Realm.
Wooden Sword.
Crimson Ether Blade.
Dimension Breaker.
Crescentic Sharpness.
Nightfall Lamp.
Radiant Sword.
Blade of the King: Eon.
Halfway Galaxy.
Ashura: Destroyer.

If you know why I'm buying, and say so - Imma just delete post, not all of epw knows c:
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Barbarians can no longer use single sword weapon fashion due to bug with skills (fashion can be turned back into Weapon Fashion Token at PW Boutique Agent

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