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Epic Perfect World - Bridge PvP feat. Xpendable Tactics

Bridge tactic explained: So we were getting pushed by Ares from ADC West to Broken Buff village for 10minutes because they had twice as our numbers and many WRs, so i saw bridge close and sigged there. Because it was so small their wrs couldnt touch us and were falling in water like ants so we won the PK. Have Fun and Thanks for watching!


all good pk when i'm = work
nice pk maxy the tactician

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that music is great (One - Original by Metalica)

DarKSide>Barb Sage 150
ImNotArcker>Archer Sage 150
Doll>Cleric Demon 150
Doll>BladeMaster Demon 150
ViX>Mystic Demon 150
EllaGrace>Assassin Demon 150
DeatHCC>Seeker Sage 150
SizX>Assassin Sage 150
BlackVeno>Venomancer 147
olIo>Barb Demon147
AxteriaKill>Archer Demon 147
MaeAnn>Wizard Demon 147

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was best pk, good vid

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Looked fun, probably my favorite PK video. GJ God <:
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all good pk when i'm = work
nice pk maxy the tactician

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That moment they start jumping inside water  :normal-2: :normal-13:
OP tactic

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That moment they start jumping inside water  :normal-2: :normal-13:
OP tactic

 ^ :normal-2:

man.. that bridge pk looks beautiful .. gives me a few ideas for future videos and events perhaps lol


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 Nice , gj maxy !

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King PK, King video.

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The legend VERSUS speech at the beginning!

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Master Strategy,Master Player,Master Video


.. how i missed the bridge pk

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Looks like it was fun.  Very nice.