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1k as PK Zone

Agatio please that was the best PK zone since 1.3 servers could u make it here. ALL 1.3 server would love u allllllllll so much :333333333333333333333333


+1 good suggestion

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great idea +1, will make pk fun like old times


+1 make epw interesting

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1K God pk zone we got this

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+1 lollllll king pvp


+100000000000 I remember 1.3 deva PK there with the tiny SZ spot

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+1, r u king maxy

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LOL agatio PLS add 1.3 BUG  i wanna KILL all from sz  !!!!!!

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+1 king level pk spot

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good luck:

Full patch notes:
- Camp Wave Breaker is now safe zone
good luck:
He can make it small sz where respawn is like it was on every server dont panic, its not about spawn killing.

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