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It has come to my knowledge that some people got mad for some things I said yesterday in world chat, such as calling myself the "Master Pimp". To clarify things, I never intended to make other women feel mad about such a thing, I said it out of a talk with some of my guild mates, I didn't mean it as i'm a pimp in the full meaning of that word. I was just messing around with my guild mates. I realize it wasn't the best choice of words.
So i'm sorry to whoever I hurted with my words.

That is all, thank you.


Who the *** gets offended that fast?

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What the f****** f***
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[16:47:01] Bre: this creeps me out.
[16:47:32] Zilara: Lmfaoo

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Don't worry Atisa, Brenda is a raging hormonial bitch. He didnt really take your words serious and isn't offended.

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What the f****** f***
stop farming forums x2 is over :l
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actually you really should continue calling yourself the "Master Pimp" and make sure to put the quotes every time "Master Pimp"

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As a woman, I don't find the term offensive at all.  I think that whoever gets offended by something as trivial as that need to lay off the net.

Not like you called all women hoes.  That's straddling the offense line there.

Stay Classy.
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if they get offended by "pimp"

it means they're hoes

but u still a dck :normal-2:

for saying that in world chat

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You're too nice man

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It takes guts to sincerely apologised. Whether you were wrong or right.
While it may not mean anything to you, you have my respect.

♥ Love and will miss you guys ♥
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People still get offended over worldchat? That's amazing.