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We all have to have a best friend in EPW
Mind sharing
I chose SCOOP
We been Through alot over the years of EPW
An we stand STRONG with ETERNAL!
Been on the server since almost DAY 1


Best friend : Lolly.

Offline Kaleidoscope

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Glut.  :normal-26:

She's been there for me non-stop since I met her. I love her beri mucho.

Offline Darunia ஜ

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I don't have a best friend on EPW. :(

*sits in emo corner*

Stay Classy.
Mikau - 150 Sage Archer (unofficially retired)
Darunia - 150 Demon Cleric (unoffical new main)
Catfish - 150 Sage Psy (main PK gal)
Phalanx - 150 Demon BM (because impulsive)


I don't have a best friend on EPW. :(

*sits in emo corner*
Alright, pm me  :sad: More frens is better c: I got 3. I need 4 then I'm good :3 ThT_Sin is name ^-^

Offline Odna

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my bes fran is goodguybard <$
ps: im sleepy
hell yea

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  • It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?”
  • Faction: GoodGame

Offline ~TheQueenB~

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  • when you lest expect it, expect it :P
  • Characters: I am Legion
  • Faction: GAME=FUN Leader
wow gotta be Snuggs and his wife Mynx, we been mates for a few servers now love them both  :normal-48:
"Ass so fine it changes a brutha's life. Foreva. ~ Sparky Sweets Thug Notes~

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I have too many best frens. :sad:

Lolly - 150 Ep | Lapras - 150 Wf | Crystal - 150 Ea
Sometimes it physically pains me to hold back my sarcastic comments.

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  • There are scars that make us who we are. But without them, we don't exist.
  • Characters: Ravenshield RainsWolf
  • Faction: GotMilk
my best freind on epic
is my soulmate  my wife and parter in crime
MinFarshaw :normal-48: :tiger-48: :monkey-48:

Offline Lena

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Airiel and Alexithymia  ^-^

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i only has frenemies :c

Offline Pink_Tiara

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  • Brittany♥
I don't have any :c

Offline Dendoora☆

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Jolhans ;3 he's there for me whenever I need him c;

Offline Pain

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  • Faction: Xpendable
:-[ Insanity mi bezt fren in whooole world :33

Is kind loving person wif great humor he ish like big bear Im just wants hug him xD c;
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