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Weapon Skins (not a request for new skins)

Offline Runic

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It's not an overly pressing matter but, has the idea of a forge sort of thing for weapon skins  to "reforge" them into the same skin but of the opposite sex? IE. Using NPC/Forge to make Ice Cold Heart (M) into Ice Cold Heart (F) and vice versa.

As stated above, it's obviously a back burner level of suggestion, but for those who change sex alot, or go from maining veno to a unisex caster class, it'd be nice.

Offline Lolly

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Eh, I agree. It would also help people buying and trading.

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Offline Pain

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Yes pls, I have like 20 (F) bow/sword skins that I can't use anymore since I changed gender on Ea and Wr, also next to impossible to find anyone that wants to trade.

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+100 loves 4 ya, yes pls :">z
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this good suggestion, i like +1

Offline ☣EvilEye23☣

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I have a few male skins in my bank (not many tho) that I can't even use. Its the right class (magic), but male, so e.e
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Offline Bre.

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Nice idea. It's a pain in the ass when you change char gender.

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+1,i hate the fact that i have male mystic and mg,but i like WF also ))))))): and i can't use 1 wep everywhere