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Information was pulled from multiple references and in-game testing. If anything is wrong, please PM it to me and I will gladly look into it.
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For detailed information on certain new features, refer to the navigation below.

Patch Notes | Entering Primal World | Venomancer Update | Meridian | Nation Wars | War Avatars | Titles | Minor Features | New Skills

Epic Perfect World: New Horizons Update
Full patch notes

New Areas:
- Primal World
New, beautiful map with new quests, instances and skill books to acquire
- Origination
Map for explorers, with interesting quest series

New Instances:

1. Hidden Dragon Den
* Players can acquire new materials (Dragon Blood Stones) from a daily quest there, used for rank 8 reshapes, new skills, War Avatar cards and Nuema Essences.
* Instance contains new Bounty Hunter targets
* New Crimson Officer NPC with rewards can be found in the Cromagnon Village
* Video guide:

2. Flowsilver Palace
* Players can acquire new materials (Flowsilver Coins) from a daily quest there, used for the most rare War Avatar Cards
* Requires Arcane Sky I level to open (more info about Realm Levels: Arcane and Mirage Sky below)
* Video guide:

3. Undercurrent Hall
* Instance has same rewards as Hidden Dragon Den, although in much higher amount
* Requires Mirage Sky I level to open
* Video guide:

4. Lycaeum Of Cultivation
* Daily quest instance for Venomancers to obtain Feral Soul Stars, required for Pet Evolution
* Video guide:

All instances have adjusted difficulty and rewards to make it appropriate to the server standards.

New Skills in Primal World:
* Upgrade to stronger versions of existing skills, including Sage and Demon versions, or try out a variety of brand-new skills
* New skills can be found in a Sacred Cauldron Forge in a Primal World
* Please craft them wisely:
Φ - Upgraded Sage Skills
Ω - Upgraded Demon Skills
Σ - Skills for both Cultivations

War Avatar System:
* Collect cards based on famous friends and foes of Perfect World to boost your stats!
* Cards can be obtained from a New Horizons quest chains and daily quests, or exchanged with Dragon Blood Stones and Flowsilver Coins at the Crimson Officer NPC

Nuema System:
* New system that lets you improve your character, basing on the six War Avatar categories
* Nuema can be leveled with Essences that can be earned through gameplay

Realm (Arcane/Mirage Sky) Level System:
* Improve your character and unlock new achievements with Realm Level System.
* Realm level can be improved by using pills from God's Giving or doing New Horizons quest chain and daily quests

New battlefields and changes for Nation Wars:
1. Bridge Battle: An intense and exciting 10v10 choke-point battle with the goal destroying all of the enemies towers!
* Video:

2. Crystal Contest: A strategic 20v20 battle for control of 5 point generating crystals, ending when one side has reached 99 points!
* Video:

3. Number of players allowed in Capture the Flag map increased from 40 to 60 (30v30) 

Chariot Battles in Sunset Valley:
* New event available two times a week - Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm server time with a Dragon Blood Stones as a reward (time of event will be adjusted in future)

Meridian System:
* A new system allowing the player to increase their stats!
* Requires the use of Mystic Pills and Holy Pills, available in God's Giving.
* Meridian interface can be opened in the Inventory window

Pet System Update for Venomancers:
* Venomancers can now upgrade and evolve their pets with the use of Feral Soul Stars available in Events Forge, Boutique or New Daily Quest in at Mrs. Zoologist.
* New Veno Pets available in Pets NPC
* Evolved Pets now have additional HP, attack and defence based on stats of their owner
* The Pet Bar has increased to 7 slots
* Pets will now automatically apply self-buffs equipped on the pet bar (enabled in Settings -> Game tab -> tick Auto Pet Buff option)

Seat of Torment and Abaddon have been changed to be more difficult:
* Find Lieutenant Li in Archosaur or Moon Tidedance in the Camp of the Fallen Phoenix to get the starter quests
* Video guide:

Trophy Mode for Supreme Cape has been changed:
* It will require completing 12 gold runs of first three maps in Lunar.
* Monsters in this mode will give much better challenge than any Trophy Mode before
* Trophy Mode in FBs 99 is still available, however since these instances have been revamped, they are much more troublesome than Lunar
* Old badges from TM 99 can be converted to new Supreme Badges at Celestial Messengers in Arrowhead Manor or Lotharis / Momaganon

Title System:
* New series of world-events will now award players with new Titles.
* Obtaining these titles will also improve players' stats permanently.
* Players may start these events by heading into Archosaur and opening the new Title interface

Changed existing and new quests and added custom rewards:
* New Horizons quest chains and daily quests
* Red Dragon Invasion
* Meridian' s Knowledge
* Where are the Dream-Seekers? and other quests from the Adventure section
* Harbinger of Spring has a new Seasonal quest chain
* Red Baby Celebration daily has been fixed
* and much more

These quests have been grouped, so they can be found easily. To check all the available quests, please pay attention to the Legendary, Adventure and Daily quests in the Available quests list. They usually have really good rewards and are worth completing.

New items added to God's Giving:
* Angel of Wishes - required to use new Teleport Function in Events Calendar
* Mystical and Holy Pills - allows to cultivate players Meridian Level
* Arcane Sky Pills - allows to cultivate players Realm Level, available after entering Primal World and completing short quest chain there
* War Avatar Catalyst - allows to enhance players Leadership (determines how many high grade cards players can use at time)
* Star Reset Plate - can be used by faction leader to reset faction contribute points

New items available at Faction Base Manager:
* Uncanny / Rapture Stones and Wraith Officer's Badges

New weapon fashion:
* Over 20 new, previously unseen weapon models in Boutique and Weapon Fashion NPC

Perfect Match System:
* Players may now choose to locate other players who match each other's playing preferences.
* Click the new Perfect Match UI at the menu in the right bottom to begin.

New Events Calendar:
* Calendar has been overhauled with more detailed information about events and instances
* It now allows you to automatically form squads for events, and even teleport directly there with a new God's Giving item, Angel of Wishes.

Attendance System:
* Located in the Event Calendar, players may now Check-In each day.
* By maintaining a near-perfect attendance, players are awarded with special reward and pots that aid them in battle

Other system additions:
- PW Boutique Agent allows now to replace soulgems inside weapons or armors without a need of purging all the stones.
- Commission Shops: A new shop system that will allow you to browse items on sale from anywhere in the world. Required item (Dragon Oath), can be bought in the God's Giving
- Additional Optimization Settings interface has been added that lets improve game performance on slower machines. Can be accessed by clicking new button on the top left, near HP bar
- City of Abominations and Celestial Tigers events have been changed to be more interesting
- Resistance cap has been increased from 90% to 95%
- Blacklist extended to 200 entries (20 server side and up to 200 on client)
- The Fitting Room UI is now bigger and has greater camera options to zoom, pan and spin
- You can now Right-click to put materials into the production interface when crafting from forges.
- Added spaces as acceptable characters to the gear signature feature.
- Players may now lock their skill bars
- The PK Protections button has been moved above your health bar.
- The PK Mode button has been moved into the PK Protections window
- Macros can move to the next skill in the chain if one is on cooldown instead of stopping. It won't skip two.
- You can check now "Remember username" option in the client login screen

Other custom changes:
- Fairy Box chest now contains new special rewards
- All dyeable fashion requires only 1 dye again
- Old Boss Cards can be exchanged for Random War Avatars S in Twilight Temple
- Frostcovered City and Nirvana bosses have their experience given increased significantly
- Certain Bounty Hunter targets have been changed
- Rewards for Bounty Hunter II have been increased
- Rewards from Faction Trials quests have been increased
- All engraving services have been moved to the Faction Engrave forge
- Prize for first three places in weekly tournament on Thursday increased

New Boutique functions:
- Players can now type the quantity of items they want to buy, instead of clicking repeatedly the "Buy" button
- Special search box has been added to help finding needed items easier
- The Boutique now has options to request and send items to players in your friend list.

- Fire Legion, Mayhem in Morai events and Card Bosses quests will require level 135+ to attend
- The level 1 skill to Fox Form/True Form with the new forms for the Venomancer/Barbarian class bug has been fixed.

Custom balance fixes:
- Rebirth has been disabled, as it would be game breaking if it was introduced. Each rebirth gives 76 stat points and that would be 152 more points in total, making gap between new and "fully trained" characters way too big
- New passive skills weren't introduced either. They increase critical hit rate, skill damage and defenses. We don't need those since our critical hit, damage and defenses are already very high.
- To keep the balance and not over-complicate card system, War Avatars cannot be leveled and re-awakened. Otherwise they would be way too overpowered
- Set bonuses from War Avatars have been removed. It will introduce more variety and help balance things out.
- Arcane/Mirage Sky no longer gives Spirit
- All Chill of the Deep skills (Sage/Demon and Primal/Sacred) have now additional +5 attack levels
- Defense level from Dragon Armor set bonus increased from +10 to +15
- Attack and Defense level for R8 armor set bonuses have been changed slightly for some classes. More details here.

Coming soon!
- New fashion, mounts and flights along with our custom versions will be added with next patches!

Primal World Entry Guide by Tangle
  • Talk to General Summer in Archosaur (521, 629). Take the purple quest ‘New Horizons – Summer Reawakened’.
  • Talk to the Primal Messenger in North Archosaur (564, 675). Choose the first option in the list to answer correctly.
  • Talk to the Messenger of Time on the platform above the middle of Archosaur (552, 654).
  • Go to the Worldspire in the City of a Thousand Streams (123, 856) up to a height of 46. You should get a popup on the platform.
  • Talk to the Archosaur Student in North Archosaur (564, 673).
  • Talk to the Messenger of Time on the platform above the middle of Archosaur (552, 654).
  • Talk to the Messenger of Time on the platform above the middle of Archosaur (552, 654) again to enter the Primal World. Select ‘Door to the Primal World’.
Welcome to Kirin Town in the Primal World.

Arcane Sky and Mirage Sky Quests
  • After entering the Primal World, talk to the Sacred Mirror in Kirin Town (371, 464)
  • Meditate for 10secs until the counter runs down.
  • Stand then meditate again for 10secs until the counter runs down.
  • Repeat number 3
  • Repeat number 3
  • Repeat number 3
  • Repeat number 3 (Yes, I know, just keep going)
  • (Finally) Talk to the Arcane Sky Envoy (373, 468)

Now you will be able to start levelling your Arcane & Mirage Sky to get new skills.

Leveling Arcane & Mirage Sky:

To level your Arcane and Mirage Sky, use Arcane Sky Pill - . This item can be bought from God's Giving>Utility.

Once your Arcane Sky is at X, you will get a pop-up quest for Mirage Sky called Mirage Sky Calling - Boundary Break:
  • Talk to Light Emperor Alexander (380, 473) in Kirin Town to hand in Mirage Sky Calling
  • Talk to Light Emperor Alexander again (380, 473) and take the green quest Mirage Sky
  • Talk to Whitesurge in Kirin Town (371, 463)

Your Arcane Sky has now changed into Mirage Sky. You can level this the same way as Arcane Sky. Reaching Mirage Sky X will allow you to learn all your Primal Skills.

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Patch Notes | Entering Primal World | Venomancer Update | Meridian | Nation Wars | War Avatars | Titles | Minor Features | New Skills

Lycaeum of Cultivation

The quest can be taken at the Mrs. Zoologist (585 620) in South Archosaur once per day.
You must pick up a pass first by accepting the yellow quest from her, the pass only lasts 15 minutes so you must enter the instance before the timer ends.
To enter, pick up the blue quest from her.

When you first enter, there is one NPC that you must talk to, this will spawn another NPC, along with guards and a puffbird. The first time you enter the instance there will be a one-time only quest you can recieve from the second NPC where you can exchange one Feral Soul Star for 140 Stars back.
Normally the NPC will only exchange 1 Star for 10 back, so make sure you pick up the quest the first time you enter.

Now onto the instance itself. There will be waves of enemies you need to defeat, which spawn from a purple portal, in order to recieve credits.
There are 10 waves, they will be random after the first, and the last one will be a boss.
You use the guards and puffbird to your advantage as they will help you kill the waves.
In order to activate them you need to attack them. The puffbird only does debuffs(you can cycle through debuffs by attacking again) while the guards will attack. Attacking a previously activated guard will switch them between flame (magic) and physical attacks. Activating a new guard costs credits, so be careful.

P.S. Watch out for the Sly Fox!

Here are some videos in case you are still having issues:

When finished, you will recieve a number of Feral Soul Stars based on your credits earned:
Below 400: 26 Feral Soul Stars
400-699 40 Feral Soul Stars
700-999: 50 Feral Soul Stars and Bewitch (Tiger) Skill Book
1000: 60 Feral Soul Stars and Bewitch (Squirell) Skill Book

Pet Evolution

So why do you need to do this daily? To evolve your pets, of course!
Evolving your pet has a number of benefits, both cosmetic and stat-wise. Not all pets can evolve, so please keep that in mind.
Once a pet is evolved, it will upgrade its stats based on the Venomancer's stats and equipment (at the time of being summoned).

Feral Soul Stars (available from the Daily, Boutique and Event Forge) can be fed to pets to level them, or they can be used to evolve them (if the pet is 100+ and able to evolve).
Chi stones can be used in combination with Stars for leveling/evolving/mood rerolling/ect. You can do this by opening the "training" window from your pet bag (there will be an icon above the "stow" button).

When pets evolve they acquire a new skill unique to that pet.
Unique Evolution Skill Spreadsheet

IMPORTANT: When evolving custom pets, press ESC as they will not go through the normal evolution animation correctly.

Stat formulas:
HP = (Venomancer's HP/ Venomancer's Level)x(a constant number = 24) + Pet HP stat = overall HP of the pet 5% bonuses from equipment seem not to affect the pets.

Attack = (Max weapon Magic attack + Magic Rings + Magic attack adds + Shards)x(Loyalty)x(Inherit Coeficient) + Pet Attack stat = overall attack power of the pet

Defence = (Equipment + Resistance Adds + Shards)x(Inherit Coefficient) = overall defence of the pet Includes both physical and magic defence.

Defence/Attack Level = (Venomancer's Defense/Attack Level)x(Inherit Coeffcient) = overall Defense/Attack level of the pet

Legendary pets (Herc and Nix) can now traverse air/land/water after they evolve. Monkey and Harpy can do this from level 1.

Video of evolved pets:


The mood of your pet gives the pet two brand new skills. Over 70 moods are available and each pet has access to 30 out of 70, the types of moods vary per pet.
In order to change the mood your pet has, you must enter "Mood Training" and reroll for a new one, you can choose to change to the new one or keep the old one.
The materials required will still be used in either case (Stars). Mood skills cannot be leveled, you can only reroll.

Moods and Skills Spreadsheet
Mood Skill Levels Spreadsheet

Lastly, you can increase inherit stat values of your pet by Reshaping. With this you can also choose to keep the old stats or use the new ones.

New Legendaries can be bought from the Pet NPC for coins.


Ice Stick - spam-able ranged water damage single target attack. It deals pretty decent damage and the best part is that it's literally spam-able at 1.0 second cooldown.

Fallen Leaf and Flying Flowers - spam-able wood AOE attack, 10 meter radius. Like Ice Stick is deals good damage and has a 1.0 second cooldown which makes it a lovely AOE to have. You can set it up as continuous AOE if there's some invisible target around and you can leave the Harpy to AOE on it.

Bare-handed Cut - 3 second AOE stun with a 30 second cooldown, 10 meters radius. It's pretty neat and if your Harpy has the Mood that includes Petrification then you'll have a pet with a permanent anti-stun and the ability to AOE stun every 30 seconds. Only works on monsters. Deals physical damage.

Claw - Increases attack by 30%.

Spirit Destory - Harpy's exclusive pet skill upon evolving. Increase HP by 30% and skill damage dealt on monsters by 30%.

Monkey King

Rule The World - a hard hitting single target attack that also increases pet attack by 30% for 10 minutes upon landing, freezes target for 2 seconds.

Heavy Load - 15m range 2 second AOE stun with a 15 second cooldown, 6 meter radius. Stuns players only.

Pounce - Has 80% chance to stun the target for 3 seconds.

Flesh Ream - Bite an enemy, inflicting base damage plus 200% of Pet's base damage over 9 seconds.

Combat Saint - Monkey's exclusive skill upon evolving, increase HP by 30% and reduce damage taken from players by 60%. The damage reduction is effective and noticeable.
This gives the Monkey more options for moods as other pets would be adviced to have a mood that contains Ghost or Spirit. Other pets lack player damage reduction buff otherwise.

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Patch Notes | Entering Primal World | Venomancer Update | Meridian | Nation Wars | War Avatars | Titles | Minor Features | New Skills

The Meridian System is a brand new way to strengthen yourself!
To open the the Meridian interface, simply open your bag (B) and click on the character silhouette in the center.
Once done, you can see a new window showing your Governing and Conception Vessels, and also the stats you have obtained through the Meridian system.

Stats that increase
Maximum HP
Physical Attack
Magic Attack
Physical Defense
Magical Defense

When you first begin there will be one Meridian available, showing the circle slightly lit while the rest are greyed out. Once clicked on, you will see a window showing all 48 possible Gates within that Meridian. Only 25 of those Gates are "Living Gates". The Meridian will only be unlocked once you find and attack one of those Living Gates.

There are two types of attacks, Mystical and Holy.

Mystical attacks are done with Mystical Pills.
Holy attacks require both one Mystical and one Holy Pill.
The number of Holy attacks you can do per day is higher than Mystical, 50 per day you have logged in for a max of consecutive two days, meaning 100 attacks.

To obtain these pills you can accept a quest chain from PW Promotions Agent which will give you 200 of each Pill. After that, they can also be bought with coins from the God's Giving NPC.

Once you have unlocked all Meridians you may attack the center and unlock the next level of Meridians, which can prove to be more challenging.

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Patch Notes | Entering Primal World | Venomancer Update | Meridian | Nation Wars | War Avatars | Titles | Minor Features | New Skills

Two new Nation War maps have been added with this update, bringing more variety to your weekly PvP escapades.
But fear not, the old Nation War map type will still be available, with the other two sprinkled in across the map.
Before you enter a Nation War map, it will state which map type it is, so keep that in mind.

Bridge Battle

Be the first to destroy nine of the opposing team's pillars.

How it works:
This map is far more simple and direct. Each side has 3 pillars which you must destroy 3 times each in order to win, the pillars themselves are not completely defenseless so don't get too greedy.

Crystal Contest

Fight to claim crystals, obtain 99 points or the most points after 25 minutes.

How it works:
Each map contains 5 crystals of which you will fight over. Each claimed Crystal wins the side who claimed it 1 point per 10 seconds held. If one side has all of the crystals, they will gain 3 points every 10 seconds per crystal. Each crystal is able to be in 5 different states


Each crystal starts in True-Neutral and will switch to either Neutral-Defender or Neutral-Attacker, depending on which side activates the crystal.
If then the crystal goes untouched by the opposing side for 30 seconds, it will go into the Occupied state. But if the opposing side does activate the crystal before that time, it will switch to the opposing Neutral state.

Once in an Occupied state, the team who is occupying will obtain points while the crystal is Occupied (as stated above). But, the opposing team can activate it to turn it to their Neutral state and repeat the cycle.

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Patch Notes | Entering Primal World | Venomancer Update | Meridian | Nation Wars | War Avatars | Titles | Minor Features | New Skills

War Avatar System
Cards which will increase various stats.

To view the War Avatar interface, simply click the button in your bag (B) and click on the "War Avatar" button.

There are several ways to obtain War Avatar Cards:

- Yellow quest chain "Deja Vu" that starts with General Summer (521 629 in Archosaur). Follow the quest chain to receive packs that reward you with a random grade B, A or S card. Primal World entrance quest (purple New Horizons – Summer Reawakened quest) chain must be completed as a prerequisite.

- New daily quest "Assault on Sky Owl" inside Primal World (Sky Owl Stronghold area, NPC will teleport you there, 349 469 Resistance Force Spy).

- New instance inside Primal World, Flowsilver Palace. Exchange rewards for packs that contain a random card. NPC is located in Kirin Town (Primal World) at 380 467.

- New event, Sunset Valley Bloody Battle. Runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 19:00-20:00 server time.

- Boutique item, War Avatar Pack(S-B).

When you hover over a card it will tell you where it should go by saying, "type ___" under its grade (C, B, A, S).
This tells you which slot you should put it in to get full bonuses. Cards can be unequipped.

These are the different card slots available:

Destroyer slot: Physical + Magical Attack
Battle slot: Physical + Magical Attack
Longevity slot: Health + Physical Defense
Durability slot: Health + Magical Defense
Soulprime slot: Spirit
Lifeprime slot: Spirit

This also shows what stats they give and which Nuema type the slots offer.

Curious about the possible stats you can get?
War Avatar Calculator
Cards cannot be leveled or reawakened and card set bonuses have also been shut off due to balance reasons.

Each class has their own multiplier for the white stats from each card
These multipliers apply to card base stats, stats from leveling up cards, and to the stats you get from Nuema. Others are 100%.

BM/Barb/Seeker get 140% from Longevity / 80% from Durability
Archer gets 80% Longevity / 120% Durability
Sin gets 80% Longevity / 120% Durability / 75% Battle / 75% Destroyer
Cleric/Mystic/Veno/Wiz/Psychic get 40% Longevity / 140% Durability

Another important note is cards require Leadership to be equipped. You automatically start off with 10, but higher cards require more Leadership points. In order to get more you'll have to buy War Avatar Cataclysts from the God's Giving NPC and talk to the War Avatar Master NPC in Kirin Town, Primal World.


Nuema, just like cards, gives you extra stats. Each has tiers (per card slot/position), so in order to max them out, you need to absorb more Nuema until you reach the next tier (rinse and repeat). You can either open Nuema Chests (Tier 6 only, Boutique), exchange for Dragon Blood Stones(Crimson Officer-Cromagnon, Resistance Force Leader-Primal, Undercurrent, Flowsilver), or kill bosses (see below).

Every day the server will select random bosses that will drop Nuema orbs. Open your War Avatar interface and click the Nuema Listings button, this will show the list of bosses for that day.
Each boss will drop an Origin Orb with a chance to drop an Essense Orb(give triple exp compared to Origin). But it is not just an item drop, you will see an aura on the ground, you must click on it to absorb it. The Orb will now be in your inventory, right-click on it to use it.

Each boss only drops one orb per kill, so it's better to do them solo rather than in a squad. If done in a squad, a random party member will receive it no matter who absorbs it. You can absorb only up to 20 orbs per week. The limit resets every Friday-night/Saturday-morning (in other words Friday night at midnight server time). Access the Nuema Listing window to check your orb limit (at the top).

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Patch Notes | Entering Primal World | Venomancer Update | Meridian | Nation Wars | War Avatars | Titles | Minor Features | New Skills

Taken from here with minor edits.
Please let me know if anything is wrong as I was not going to go through and test all of them, thank you.

Titles can be obtained by completing quests and other actions. To find available title quests in the area, click on the scroll icon near your minimap. Upon completion of those quest, open character screen, click on Title List and then Owned Titles and you can select any available title that you wish to wear next to your character name. Not all titles give stats, but a good number of them do. The stats you acquire are automatic and permanent, so you don't need the title equipped to get the stats from it.

Note: Titles come in various colors, some do not look as good as you would hope.

There are quite a number of quest chains available in which you will obtain Seals. You get several titles while doing the quests and can obtain titles through having a set of titles.

Seal Questlines

Endless Universe(no order):
1. [Split Personality](+6 phy-att) Defeat 'Aohe Snake' and 'Aohe Dragon' within 60 min (AUE: Twin path)
2. [Master of Balance](+14 phy-def) Defeat 'Chigo, the Serpent Emperor' within 60 min (AUE: Balance of Light & Dark path)
3. [Hide and Seek](+14 mag-def) Defeat 'Locen, the Emperor of Flame' within 60 min (AEU: Stealth Bush path)
4. [Dragonslayer](+40 accuracy) Defeat 'Aurogon, the Dragon Emperor' within 80 min (AUE: Final Boss)
5. [Master Plucker](+12 mag-att) Kill Ghost Wing in Regular EU within 60 mins

Title Sets:
1. [Seal Breaker](+20 mag-def)
2. [Chaos Lord](+20 phy-def)
3. [Treasure Hunter](+12 phy-att)
4. [Dark Mage](+18 mag-att)
5. [War Adept](+18 mag-att)
6. [Awaken Guard](+20 phy-def)
7. [Oracle](+12 phy-att)
8. [Pangu Conqueror](+20 mag-def)
9. [Fearless Warrior](+60 acc)

Other Titles:
1. [Aviator](+3 phy-att): Fly to an altitude of 79".
2. [Super Durable](+14 mag-def): Kill 'Incarcerate' in less than 80 minutes. (Warsong City)
3. [Naughty Junior](+14 phy-def): Kill 'Vanished Ancestor' within 40 minutes. (Regular Nirvana Final Boss, no need 99keys)
4. [Mulberry's Aid](+12 evasion) Complete the 'Pestle of Re. Access.' quest chain (Quest starts at any PW Promotions Agent, lvl100)
5. [Marshal's Deputy](+5 mag-att) Stand on the Pirate Ship, far east of Arch (626 659) just before or just after Nation War (20:00 - 22:30 server time, Friday or Sunday).
6. [Purgatory Suppressed](+6 phy-attack) Kill Queen of Agony: Xipher within 30 minutes (SOT Weekly, jump straight to bloody courtyard, no need to kill hellfire or trap master)
7. [Demon World Traveler](+12 mag-att) Kill Borobudur Dungeon Lord within 60 minutes (Aba Weekly).
8. [Doom of Eminence](+30 evasion) Kill Yelling To The Sky within 40 minutes. (Hidden Dragon Den)

Race Titles:
1. [Earth Born] Available for Earthguard characters.
2. [Lunar Destined] Available for Human characters.
3. [A Distant Melody] Available for Elf characters.
4. [Roiling Sea] Available for Tideborn characters.
5. [Primal Scream] Available for Untamed characters.

In order to obtain these you must teleport to "Origination" (through the Illusion Stone), you will automatically receive a pop-up quest which you turn into NPC Qinglong. Talk to Qinglong again to get the "A Sacred World" quest. You will then be able to talk to your racial guide and receive the "Get Geared" quest, which will award you the title.

War Avatars
1. [War Avatar Rookie](+2 phy-att/mag-att) Collect 20 unique War Avatar Cards (duplicates does not count).
2. [War Avatar Green Horn](+7 phy-def/mag-def) Collect 40 unique War Avatar Cards
3. [War Avatar Acolyte](+3 phy-att/mag-att) Collect 60 unique War Avatar Cards
4. [War Avatar Collector](+10 phy-def/mag-def) Collect 80 unique War Avatar Cards
5. [War Avatar Aficionado](+4 phy-att/mag-att) Collect 100 unique War Avatar Cards
6. [War Avatar Hunter](+14 phy-def/mag-def) Collect 120 unique War Avatar Cards
7. [War Avatar Scholar](+5 phy-att/mag-att) Collect 140 unique War Avatar Cards
8. [War Avatar Expert](+17 phy-def/mag-def) Collect 160 unique War Avatar Cards
9. [War Avatar Master](+6 phy-att/mag-att) Collect 180 unique War Avatar Cards
10. [War Avatar Emissary](+21 phy-def/mag-def) Collect 200 unique War Avatar Cards
11. [War Avatar Veteran](+8 phy-att/mag-att) Collect 210 unique War Avatar Cards
12. [War Avatar Champion](+28 phy-def/mag-def) Become the ultimate Avatar Card Hoarder. Collect 218 unique War Avatar Cards

Time-Limited/Event Titles:
1. [Son of Fortune] (Expires after 30 days) Collect 5 'Auspicious Son' from the 'Fortune from Heaven' Event.
2. [Haste Up] (Expires after 30 days) Collect 'The Hasty Man' from the 'Quick as the Wind' Event.
3. [Saint Savior](+9 mdef) (Expires after 60 days) Collect 20 Mulberry Hearts from new daily from 'Secret Man' 546 628 (Daily quest can be unlocked from completing 'Pestle of Re. Access'; Right after charging the crystal in SOT/Aba, you may turn in the heart to get exp+Stealth pot instead. Trash the quest rewards and keep collecting the hearts to achieve this title)
4. [Servant of Lord Kitten](+3 phy-att) (Expires after 60 days) Collect 7 Kitten Balls from a Yellow Kitten NPC (NPC spawns 'randomly' in arch at around 7:30pm server time with a system message)

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Minor Features
Patch Notes | Entering Primal World | Venomancer Update | Meridian | Nation Wars | War Avatars | Titles | Minor Features | New Skills

Character Customization

Creating customized characters has never been so in-depth! More variety is now available in character creator screen.
Now you can spend less time worrying about ini edits and make some crazy faces with ease.

Note: The first "vertical alignment" slider for eyebrows is actually "thickness".

When making a new character it also shows more info regarding a class' play style and shows off some new animations and gear models.


 There are now more optimization options available for those having a hard time running the game smoothly.
Simply click on the wrench icon above your HP bar.

PK UI Changes

There are some UI changes you might notice, most might wonder where the "switch to PK" button went, along with protection/filter settings.
You will see a new button next to your safety lock, with two weapons crossing or a shield. This is where you'll find them.


You might notice a new little helper that pops up. Do not fret, she is there to help.
If you click on her, your cursor will change and any items/gear/quests/ect you click on will make Sheomay open the Encyclopedia page regarding information about it. Rick-click to turn the cursor back to normal.

If you don't want her help, simply click the book icon (Encyclopedia) near your minimap and check the "disable help" box.
 From here you can also click on her picture for her help if her picture on your screen disappeared.

Event Calendar

You can now access the Event Calendar easier. There is a new button with a 7 on it near your mini-map.

It will open a window showing info about events, being daily, weekly and even instances. Here you can even view what sorts of rewards you will receive. You can also form a squad or teleport instantly to the instance (requires Angel of Wishes item from God's Giving), if it's available at the time.

Note: Here you can also view the server time/date as well as a daily attendance.

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Patch Notes | Entering Primal World | Venomancer Update | Meridian | Nation Wars | War Avatars | Titles | Minor Features | New Skills

ΦΩ  | Σ
Upgraded Sage Skills | Upgraded Demon Skills | Skills for both Cultivations

To craft new skills you must first enter Primal World by following the purple quest chain "New Horizons - Summer Reawakened"
Once you enter Primal World, you must do your Arcane and Mirage Sky quests (from the Sacred Mirror NPC), and level them accordingly.
The books will require you to exchange Old Book Pages for Arcane/Adv. Arcane and Mirage/Adv. Mirage Pages (at the Sacred Cauldron). You also need Primordial Blood.






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i remember the fashion

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Patch Notes | Entering Primal World | Venomancer Update | Meridian | Nation Wars | War Avatars | Titles | Minor Features | New Skills

ΦΩ  | Σ
Upgraded Sage Skills | Upgraded Demon Skills | Skills for both Cultivations

To craft new skills you must first enter Primal World by following the purple quest chain "New Horizons - Summer Reawakened"
Once you enter Primal World, you must do your Arcane and Mirage Sky quests (from the Sacred Mirror NPC), and level them accordingly.
The books will require you to exchange Old Book Pages for Arcane/Adv. Arcane and Mirage/Adv. Mirage Pages (at the Sacred Cauldron). You also need Primordial Blood.






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i remember the fashion