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Psy or veno

14 (43.8%)
18 (56.3%)

Total Members Voted: 30

Psy Or Veno

Offline Naujokas

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Okay so i bought some sls to lvl to 145 and i cant deicide should i chooze veno or psychic.I played both , i like both so can any1 pm opinions pleaze  :-[

Offline Mercy

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Psy is easier to play imo, but I say choose the one you've enjoyed the most.


Okay so i bought some sls to lvl to 145 and i cant deicide should i chooze veno or psychic.I played both , i like both so can any1 pm opinions pleaze  :-[

Imo, I prefer psychic, get a bm friend and nuke people.  ;)

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I'd say Veno,but depends on what u have fun more,but for me,veno = mass pk & 1v1 class, as a psy i hate mass pking,9k pdef isn't sexy xD
+ WF in mass pk (even sage or demon,are a pain in the ass,cause of Nova and Purge(sage is biggest pain at purge,demon is biggest pain at Nova)

Offline Drive

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Veno is a debuffer class u need to debuff ur targets and steal their chi then nuke them ,psy is all about choosing the right voodo and stuning then killing the oppnent,psy has a bit more aoes but i perfer venos since i think they have higher mobility and higher surviability chance than psys
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Offline Drive

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Vote pleaze
i think uve got enough opinions,why do u need others to vote tho?u have guides for both classes and thus u can look up all their skills,just choose the one that fits u the most  :-\
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I will be bias and vote Veno.

Veno's are a debuffer class and can do decent damage too. You can amplify damage so they take more, you can purge their buffs and make them an easy target, you can drain their chi which will throw off their gameplay and make them lose certain attacks, and you can spam the fk out of ironwood if you're demon and once 0 pdef processes they'll instantly get dick. You have a skill that costs one spark, level 79 skill, that is like IG. You have another skill that is (kind of) like barbs invoke, only purgable and not as good.

Psys hit hard as fk but are squishy in black. Same goes for white only vice versa. Never played, idk anything about it \o

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veno because veno and veno, also dont forget veno


Psychic. Fun class, expensive, squishy. Gives a bit of a challenge. Imo anyway. They hurt as hell but dem physical classes hurt doe. So need to learn how to counter all that. So fun. Psychic.

Offline Bre.

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Everybody wants a veno in squad more than they want a psy. Venos are generally harder to counter than a psy, also veno debuffs contribute more to the squad with a good amount of damage as well. Not saying psys are weak, they got tons of damage, but veno is always a safer option.

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Offline Broobndoobn

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Try both, see which you enjoy more.
Though I personally prefer Psychic.
No one can really tell you what class you should and should not play, try them both and see how you like them.

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i vote psyc because I enjoy them a lot in pk
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