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(Forum) Anchor & Goto tags


Is it actually possible of adding a Anchor as well as a Goto function into the forum?
It could be a useful feature I could use to link up with the Nation Wars Reports per archived Week.

However, I don't even know if it is possible in this forum software?
I do know there is a possible way in PHPBB3 boards, but that doesn't mean it's also usable on this forum software.

(Not that the feature is actually relevant on the forum... but still could be something nice to have, so I can link week after week with the Anchor and Goto tags in my Nation Wars Reports list)

Offline Agatio

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This is how it works

Code: [Select]
[iurl=#click_me]Click Me[/iurl]

Defining the location:



Ah, I see...
Here it's called iurl... must be a new Apple product  :tiger-23:

Thank you for the reply though, Agatio ^^

Offline Agatio

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iurl as a shortcut from internal url.
Although url alone will work as well with same effect.