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Can you guys stop doing it over and over again? Instead of reading peoples opinion and mute/ban trolls, all you do is lock the thread and viola, you saved the world once again. People do racial and religious remarks in here, and they get ignored. Nowadays everything started to be a joke. You can easily clean it. Whatever, do as you like...

P.S. Lock this one please and show yourself how ignorant you are.

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i dunno what you mean but i been locking topics to clean them, the last one "New classes" took me some more than usual simply cuz i went to grab some food so i could get in time to start some PvP Events.
other than tha ti dunno whats the problem.

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Just because they're not visible to you, it doesn't mean these people don't get warnings. ;)

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We either lock threads because we are cleaning them or have run their course, everyone has stated their opinion and serve no further purpose in being open other than to continue drama. It should also be noted that you cannot see the warnings given, nor the people who have been moderated or banned from our forums.

Before you accuse us of ignorance, perhaps you should go back over our actions. Or perhaps consider what you do not know or cannot see being done.

If you have any further problems with staff actions, please use the helpdesk or contact Agatio personally, as stated in the rules, rather than creating threads.

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