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Dowshi - ini Giveaway 3 !

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[move]Just vote which ini you guys want, ill make it and post it for free  ^-^ [/move]

1-Male Human   BM/Wiz
2-Female Human
3-Barb    (Evil/Cute/Female)
4-Veno    (Evil/Cute/Male)       
5-Male Elf  EA/EP
6-Female Elf
7-Male Fishie      Sin/Psy
8-Female Fishie
9-Male Earthguard   Seeker/Myst
10-Female Earthguard

ill count the votes when i get home =)


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7 Male Fishy - Sin
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8!!!!!!!!!! pslspslspsl

ooooooooooh ma gad I can't wait for another


bull-eyed ini

they are so rare

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6 plis. My cleric ugly as.

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3 Cute or Evil :-X pls
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7 - Sin please c;

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