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Rank 9 Weapon

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 i Play this game last month and i still explore in game so i have many ideas how to get a lot of epiC Coin in game not using any daily quest ..
i notiCed that the rank 9 armor set is lvl 150 so i think it Can obtain?
i Just want to ask if rank 9 lvl 150 weapon of seeker Can be obtain in game beCause i notiCe that its better than rank 8 weapon beCause of double damage stats + 20 atk level while rank 8 weapon that gives double damage and almost +12 atk level if you are luCky so if you are damage type seeker r9 weapon is better thank rank 8 weapon n.. i want that weapon i will spend many eC only to get that weapon ..

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[16:47:01] Bre: this creeps me out.
[16:47:32] Zilara: Lmfaoo

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You will find it impossible to get because we dont have Rank 9 here. Rank 8 reforge is the best gear set on this server.

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Sorry but i don't think even possible.
I think he thinks that a weapon is rank 9 because you guys have the rank 9 skins on certain weapons/armor. The dragon armor I think or whatever.

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It's impossible to get any rank 9 since you can't get medals of glory anymore.