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Hello everyone

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Hello epicpw. Just wanted to drop a few lines and say hello...obviously lol. I am just joining the server and hope to enjoy my time with everyone ( especially getting pwned by the pros of the server :)). i have spent alot of time on pwi and alot alot of cash and am disappointed with the service and dare i say...game play in general.

I look forward to any friendships i create and O.oooo nemisis' also lol. whats a game for if people dont hate you right? See you in-game as soon as i finish downloading. Good Luck to all ....sorry btw i hope everyone had a happy holiday and new years

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Welcome to epw and happy gaming!!

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Welcome! I hope you have tons of fun. :D

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Wdf Inaru veri cute.

 :normal-4: And hy. Be my fren please. <:
hello all join my guild pls wormies.net


hello all join my guild pls wormies.net

Go away. :((( You gonna kos me too?

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Welcome! If you have any questions, PM me in-game or on the forums, i'd be happy to help. Enjoy your stay. ^-^

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Gday and Welcome to Epic


Join Crypsis tho!

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Welcome to Epic!


Join Crypsis tho!

Wdf, not even a hy to the person?