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Weekly Nation Wars Reports (discontinued)


Last updated on: Saturday, January 18th 2014 11:24 Server Time (Nation Wars reports are no longer being maintained by me. My leave has been announced here, sorry for this to happen. May you guys have a much better future then I did. Expect the topic to get locked any minute.)
Next scheduled update: No longer maintained. My apologize for this to happen.
Next scheduled Archiving for Week #3: Wednesday, January 22nd 2014 20:00 Server Time

Next Nation War is scheduled on: Sunday 19th of January at 20:20 Server Time.
Current Week: Week #3 > January

PSSSST! It may be possible that Nation Wars may get's involved in a Trivia Quiz hosted by one of Epic PW's GameMasters.
Click here to view possible questions that might be asked!

Tip: Your Personal Credits are important for the end result. Try to PK whenever the timing is right!
Tip: While PKing, don't forget about the flag!!! It nerfs your reward at the end of current battle if you give your opponent(s) a free flag running chance! (A mistake that is made uncountable times)


Last Updated: Friday, January 17th 22:24 (End Signal)
(will be updated once the Credits stats will change for all 4 Nations)



Nation of Dark reclaims the favorite Nation throne!


Best of luck wished to those joining Week 3's Nation Wars.

Please, feel free to predict the winner of Week 3 of 2014 will be for both Friday the 17th of January and Sunday the 19th of January in the comments below.

*Note: This is still a WIP. (Work In Progress)
It may be possible that something may be incorrect and the community may wants to see it changed into their suggested comment below or via a PM

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Archived Nation Wars Reports

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All stats are overall stats between all 4 great Nations of Perfect World including server wide stats.
The stats are calculated by the exact numbers that updates after every war that has taken place in the hope of missing non of the upcoming wars.

*Note: The * Symbol behind the Name of Nation resembles that this Nation is currently the community's favorite nation.

Has claimed 1st place: 3 time(s) ⬆+1
Has claimed 2nd place: 0 time(s)
Has claimed 3rd place: 2 time(s)
Has claimed 4th place: 0 time(s)
Baselocked: 0 time(s)
Broken Winning Streaks: , last broken by Frost on Friday, January 10th 2014.
Dark's Credits Record: 548, set on: Friday, January 3rd 2014
Highest Winning Streak: 2, set on: Sunday, January 5th 2014
Winning Streak: ⬆+1

Has claimed 1st place: 0 time(s)
Has claimed 2nd place: time(s)
Has claimed 3rd place: 0 time(s)
Has claimed 4th place: 4 time(s) ⬆+2
Baselocked: 0 time(s)
Broken Winning Streaks: 0, last broken by Unknown on Friday, January 3rd 2014.
Flame's Credits Record: 413, set on: Friday, January 10th 2014
Highest Winning Streak: 0, set on: Friday, January 3rd 2014
Winning Streak: 0

Has claimed 1st place: 2 time(s)
Has claimed 2nd place: 0 time(s)
Has claimed 3rd place: 3 time(s) ⬆+1
Has claimed 4th place: 0 time(s)
Baselocked: 0 time(s)
Broken Winning Streaks: 1, last broken by Dark on Friday, January 17th 2014.
Frost's Credits Record: 556, set on: Friday, January 10th 2014
Highest Winning Streak: 2, set on: Sunday, January 12th 2014
Winning Streak: 0 ⬇-2

Has claimed 1st place: 0 time(s)
Has claimed 2nd place: 4 time(s) ⬆+2
Has claimed 3rd place: 0 time(s)
Has claimed 4th place: time(s)
Baselocked: 0 time(s)
Broken Winning Streaks: 0, last broken by Unknown on Friday, January 3rd 2014.
Light's Credits Record: 462, set on: Friday, January 3rd 2014
Highest Winning Streak: 0, set on: Friday, January 3rd 2014
Winning Streak: 0

Nation Wars Crashes: 0 time(s)
Last crash has issued on: No Date Known
Compensated: 0 time(s)

Last crash QQ Panic
N/A: Players wanted: "?", GMs answered with: "?"

Currently Effected Compensations: "None/Unknown"

*Note: The name of the GM will not be named due to their privacy and not being their fault of Nation Wars crashing since it appears to happen on Perfect World International as well as a well known issue, this so called "GV Glitch" where players get's booted from the server and are unable to force log back in.

Community's Favorite Nation: Dark 3 amount of Victories in total

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Good job, but let me just ask one thing. How long did it actually take you to make this?  :normal-30:

I am running Windows 7 Professional on my gaming system where I can split screen both Firefox Browser to the Left and the Screenshot through Windows Photo Viewer to the Right.
For those who don't know this method... You can split screen since Windows 7 by simply holding the left mouse button on the bar where the Title of that window is mentioned.
However, drag it to left or the right side to split screen 2 windows together.
This is actually how I preview the last 30 minutes war change after change.
The short preview is done within 2 to 4 minutes, depending how much time uploading to Imageshack.us takes.
However, the uploading was done pretty fast for around 5 seconds.
But yet again... I still have to mess around with the short description while comparing the current overview with the previous overview to see what exactly has changed.

Although, it's still fun to do which I've actually wanted to do this since 2013, but let it slip due to the fact it would be so much more fun with we count over again in the year 2014 instead.

However, the end conclusion of all 5 progression screenshots combined, it takes up to 15 ~ 25 minutes, depending how fast my fingers wants to work together with my brain... In others, I've been having troubles with  feeling sleepy earlier then normal, but I know the reason... I go to bad waaaaaay too late. Around 2:00 my local time.

The progressions will be discussed as short texted as possible, to give a little preview of how the battle has changed within the next few 30 minutes after 30 minutes and so forth.
Whatsoever, even the End Result Dialog will be discussed, and this is also the part where I've made calculation Mistakes, but was quickly fixed after finding out the differences between the screenshot where the End Sign has been given and the screenshot with the Dialog that pops-up right at the moment when Nation Wars has ended on 22:20 server time.
But it doesn't hold me back from doing this anyhow.

What the points in the matter... The points are continuly updated once they have changed on the map overview.

In short, the 30 minutes progressions can be done within 2 minutes if having a quick look at the changes of THAT 30 minutes that has been taking by the currently war as well as the prevous 30 minutes result to see how much have changed during the progression.
At the end all the 30 minutes screenshots will be combined into 1 full list of what has happened during that time which i've seen with my own eyes while updating the map constantly.

A lot of text... I know, but that's how I actually do this stuff and will do it again @ Sunday :)
(Have to stop typing at the moment due to I have some RL stuff to do for now. Wish me luck for tomorrow overview)

Edit: I only forgot to mention that I had a template ready on Thursday, January 2nd 2014 before posting it on the forum while double checking for errors and showing some of my Skype contacts what it will look like and what should be changed.
However, they appears to have shown intrests into it without mentioning any errors in Both Overview and Stats posts.
However, the Stats was larger then it was now for more detailed infomation, however... It has been cut and made more easier to keep track of the changes.

Really, it isn't hard to do at all if you can keep your eyes open on elementclient.exe while filling in the reports in the meantime.
This is why I am using Windows 7's Split screen feature due to being able to keep track of the changes and ofcourse keeping an eye on the time wouldn't hurt.
I've only nearly missed the report of 21:50 due to several Skype Messages that started to spam me... Instead of that I've made a screenshot of 21:30(*facepalm*) but actually didn't posted that since I double checked the dates and times when both screenshots were made to remain sure that I've missed non of the actions.
The problem is that I normally answer skype messages ASAP whenever I have the time to, especially during Nation Wars Reporting it can get annoying and frustrating...
You could try making a Report yourself as well 1 day to see if you also have the ability the keep up with the report 30 minutes after 30 minutes right at the moment where the war has announced to be started.
This is why I am waiting 2 more minutes to show that war has officially begon between all 4 Nations.
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List updated to latest results.
However, the next Archiving will happen on Wednesday, January 8th 2014.
This means I will shorten the Highlights for a much cleaner overview back in the history.

Thank you for this great show guys!
May the next week as great as this one was.

Edit: Fixed the Credits overview mistake... Bad me! D : <
Edit2: Appears there has been only 1 complainment through Skype so far about the huge amount of text in Post #1. Therefor I will simplefy the text one of these upcoming days, probably before the scheduled Wednesday.
Makes life easier to read the stuff in short text instead of page filling texts <3
Edit3: Upgraded to Version 1.1 > Simplefied the Reports bit by bit with the use of spoiler tags.
Edit4: Week #1 has been Archived. All progressions are now set & ready for Friday, January 10th and Sunday, January 12th.
Edit5: Nice! Post has been stickied since January 10th 2014! <3
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Stats updated.
Congratulations to Frost breaking Dark's winning streak of 2!
Excellent comeback from both Frost and Flame!

Come check out the new stats here! <3

Let's wait and see what the war of Sunday will do! ;)
(Feel free to predict which Nation will win on Sunday, 12th January 2014)
Last Edit: Jan 10, 2014, 10:55 pm by Erudessa


Stats has been updated to latest.
Another intense battle, and again... FROST has booked victory #2 for this week!
This means both Dark and Frost now has the same amount of 1st place victories in their history.

Will Frost remain on the 2 winning streak throne next week!?

Feel free to predict what the next week's Nation Wars will do and how it will end up.
Will there finally be a Base Lock registered?
Time will tell... We've seen so many base locking attempts, but it still hasn't happened yet in the year 2014.

Good luck to those who are planning to join Week #3's Nation Wars battles!

*Notice: Friday's War will be updated later then normal, I am planning on joining Nation Wars once again... but will for now be the last one for me in the January month. <3 (the reports will continue ofcourse ;))


It was a fun NW (Maybe not for those who were in the losing nation) I thought Dark was going to win till Frost caught up and left them far behind, Light raised up so fast they were so close to winning, but got second instead. Wew~

Yep, I've seen this happening.
At first I thought: "No way? Light's going to win today's Nation Wars? O.O"
But also this one was surely great to watch!
As you've just described, it was a battle between Frost, Light and Dark, where Dark sadly had to give up their first place position after a while.
Next time better Dark <3

EDIT:  Btw,  Erudessa do you attending Nation War as player also or you just watching it for reports?

I will only join upcoming Friday's Nation War just that I feel like I want to join a war again. BUT, it does means that Friday's Logs will be changed later then normal, probably updated on the Saturday. However, I am not sure if I will Sunday's War as well, depending if I feel like I want to join it ^-^

We'll see if I will participate again in the February month.
Technically I will be good as busy with the upcoming months since I am about to start a computer store very soon together with my brother, probably somewhere in February.
Which means, that I'll have to do extra my best to keep up with Nation Wars Reports.
As example on Friday I will have rush back home to make it for the Nation Wars Reports due to the fact that the store will then be open from 9:00 till 21:00 my time, which is veeeeery long... So it might be possible that someone else may have to take over my place for the Friday's. Depending how the store runs on the Friday nights.
Ofcourse I will show my face on the forum at random moments where I have the chance to visit it.
We'll see how things turns out in the upcoming weeks/months <3


Technically I've just let my imagination do the work.
However, I did changed it later since it contained too much text to read.
This was edit since I received 1 complainment through Skype... Not that it's a problem or so.
But should also be a sign that I do care about others feedbacks of what they would like to see being changed into a much better look.
I am just surprised that no one does Predictions to the next Week's Nation Wars... :tiger-13:


Week #2 has been Archived and list is now ready for Week #3.

Keep in mind that the update will be done on Saturday instead of (Live)Friday, due to joining Nation Wars myself.
I'll try to my best to miss non of the Battle Actions on the Nation Wars map.
If I may miss any, I will report later or earlier times then normal.

Good luck to those Joining Tomorrow's Nation Wars! :tiger-23: