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Who Better for pvp/pk?

10 (31.3%)
8 (25%)
4 (12.5%)
5 (15.6%)
5 (15.6%)

Total Members Voted: 29

What Class Better For Pvp

Offline deiliuxis

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Okay so i started to play epic pw like moth ago,and i still cant deicide waht class to chooze for pvp/pk of those:veno,mystic,psy,wizard,cleric.I Played all those classes all are fun and strong if well played.So write you opinions here ty.

    Offline BriEsT

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    I have lots of fun whenever I play wiz.  :-[

     Agreed .

    Offline LazyOne

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    Dont act genius and make sin like everyone else. Unless you like faceroll keyboard. Then make sage insta archer.

    Offline Min

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    I'd go with either mystic or wizard. Just my opinion though

    Offline Dendoora☆

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    honestly, wizard or mystic, since they're both really strong, i find mystic fun to play, never really tried wiz, but i have seen many wizards hit hard, really hard...

    Offline Darunia ஜ

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    My top 3 classes to PvP with:


    Wiz and Mystic are kinda tied.

    It's a preference thing though.  I've always gravitated towards magic DD's.  My main is an archer (ironically, hated them on PWI), and even they have their benefits.

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    Offline Griffith

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    The one that kills you

    When death comes, rage comes.

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    • c00l kid

    Offline LazyOne

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    The one that kills you
    +9000 LOL

    Offline Feline

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    The one that kills you
    Every class is better for PvP, then? Wait.. Might just be me that's bad at PvP..


    I've asked this question a lot of times also to people. But they always say, the one you like. If i were you i would pick a wizzy, mystic or psy.

    Offline Bre.

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    [16:47:01] Bre: this creeps me out.
    [16:47:32] Zilara: Lmfaoo

    Offline Kensou

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    I would prefer Psychics since they are quite versatile in 1v1 (though Soul Skills were nerfed).. they are also abit unpredictable than others