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Bm or Barb for pvp?

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Hello, have 2 my favorite classes: Barb and Blademaster. Like them to, know how to play them, just want yours opinions which have bigger PVP power and survival rate with pure str build, dont write to much just which you like more and which one you chose!

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Any more opinions? :)


BM but if you want to play something easier play barb. Both classes are nice if you know how to play them.

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Just prefer BM then Barb for pk, but when it comes to cata for TW go barb


I am a 150 R8 barb, and i like it.
There is a arma combo which is really op.

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WB is king. And no perdi is useless this isn't pwi baddie.

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Both of them can be pretty lethal if used properly. Barbs with pure str hit like a truck and they still have the HP to help them if you shard with +20 vit stones.

I can't say much for BMs but I can say that they are annoying as *** to fight.
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Actually, I like barb more but I go for wr cuz it better.

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barb is easier to play, but a good wr will beat a good barb. I say go with barb for now really
hell yea

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Going back to your original point being whether a barb or a bm would be better in a pure str axe build... The answer is barb (assuming your demon)  because a barb has skills to increase accuracy and greatly reduced increase crits whereas a bm would have really low accuracy and really low crit despite the high str as they would need the dex from their more popular aps build.

In conclusion, barb. Build for pure str... Bms are not; they're much more suited to axe/claw build than just one weapon.

P. S. Barbs are really tanks with high hp and can spam invoke+solid shield :P
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Don't listen to all these people, pick wr
barbs are hairy  :'(

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Apply for GM and one shot all

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?? When did I say I'm good wr? ahahahah. Taking in consideration I only played wr on 1.3 for like 1 week but it ok. You talk about servers you didn't even play; pm Epilepsy here if you wanna see your god. Ohyh, that was on my first day on server also. gj son.
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