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wrong username or password??

Hello, I have been trying to log in and it keeps saying wrong username or password, but I was able to log in the website but not the game. I stopped playing Epic perfect world because of family problems, so I thought maybe I forgot my password so I reset my password but for some reason it still wont let me log into the game even with the new password. I know my username is BlackAngelEvey so I don't know why it wont let me log in. please help me, and thank you for your time.


The are two kinds of accounts: forum account and game account. Make sure you created a game account. panel.epicpw.com allows you to create one. You can't log in with a forum account.

Offline Agatio

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In order to reset your game password, please use this recovery form in user panel: http://panel.epicpw.com/recover.php
Let me know if you still need help.
YAAAY!! ^-^ thank you, I got it working now.