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I love this game yet I get bored lately when there is nothing left to do. So I was wondering if some day you will be able to put some daily quests in so when ppl have nothing to do including pk because admit it, that to does die down, we still have something to do to keep us busy.

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Well there is already:
- BH
- Two new dailies in Gods Giving
- Morai quests
- Treasure Quests
- GM events
- Weeklies (Ares, Morai event, NW)

Plus there are a multitude of ways to farm if you happen to get bored:
- TT
- Cardbosses
- NS
- Land of Eternal Sleep Mobs
- Warsong/Cube

And others that I can't think of off the top of my head.

I guess maybe more could be added in the future, but can be time consuming in terms of planning, developing, testing and such. More ideas might help.

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Nation Wars, GV (Delta) TT (Heavenly Hall) Lunar, hunt world bosses, PV (Phoenix Valley) do runs for Supreme Robe Dominance, Cube of Fate, find a good active guild that also does events like DT or simple fun pk or pve events and TW too.....always lots to do here on EPIC
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Base Quests from your faction >.>

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Go warsong run all day,get rich ,don't waste time,2x go go go ,12 wwi ,in 6h u make ws belt

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Ty everyone, I did not know about a couple of the quests. I really enjoyed doing the treasure hunt, it was long and filled up my time and did not have to wait on a squad which was nice for a change. So thank you again.