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a genie for an assassin

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So, can anyone suggest a good genie with skills and attributes for assassins? :) thanks

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Occult genie because bad

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That has nothing to do with the op lmao. He asked what genie skills he should use as a sin. '-'
Ecatomb has a list of all genie skills, so it kinda does have something to do with original post :)
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Since no one else bothered to give serious answer and everyone is just trolling...
Zeal/Discipline 110+/150 lucky points
100 magic, rest points in vitality
Skills: absolute domain, expel, tree of protection, extreme poison/tangling mire, windshield, soul of fire, heart of steel, nullify poison, will surge, fortify, faith
Gave more than 8 cuz all of them are useful, choose which you like the most( but absolute domain, faith  and expel are a must lol) and ofc u can add holy path too if u like

Edit: oh and also get gears for genie 4 vit 4 mag for 12 warsong medals from watcher of the earth
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Occult genie + autoattack sir. No other genie skills ok.

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126 str genie. Enrage, Relentless Courage, Tangling Mire, Faith, Absolute Domain. Will Surge, Windshield and best godly skill Occult Ice. g0 son #SeriousGamer