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I know  you get alot of these but after reading forums I saw the post about Nexty. I don't know what is going on but every time I play my seeker she crashes. I switched to my bm and psy which is on the same account and i can play for hours without crashing but I log onto my seeker and i will crash about 6 times in an hour some times more. So I tried my other account my sin and barb stay on for hours and hours and yet as soon as i log onto my seeker it crashes. Can you tell me what I should do? I made sure to check my files and even re downloaded the client. I don't know what else to do. :( And I really like my seeker.

Offline Agatio

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The problem is that you most likely level your seeker in PV. Seeker is tanky class and perfect for AoE so I assume that you are luring many mobs in short time. As I was told, the game will crash if you leave the instance too soon, before all the damage will count. So before you teleport out, you have to wait till all the damage finishes from appearing above your head.


or leave ol J Walker alone while grinding that works for me alot less wall and floor slammin