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So, yesterday I started selling some stuff, had 90 ec in the morning, at night at 1:17 or so, I had 6.5k ec, 60 gold on my account. I went to sleep, and when I get up, my password is incorrect. I went to email, at 1:24 they changed  pass. No tome either, took my pangu. Fml .-.


Please post about this on the Helpdesk, like that Agatio or the GMs will notice for sure.  ^-^


M'kay, ty <3 And I was wrong, not missing my pangu, was in inventory o.o It wasn't bound though

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Sorry that I discourage you, but recovering lost items is the last thing what we do...
According to http://epicpw.com/announcements/epw-rules-and-tos/

Unless we find a obvious and irrefutable proof, but this almost never happens sadly.

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Received an answer. Please use helpdesk if you wish to continue the matter.


♥ Love and will miss you guys ♥
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