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This is called a big Bh list xD

Okey, so from around a week I havent done alot bh and here is the result :
Like a bawls ;d


Offline Chum

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  • Fail Barb
  • Characters: Chum, Swampy
Tied with me. I have BH Haunt, Snake, skeleton legion x 2, and peach.

Offline Tinykiller

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  • Boooooooyaaaaaa
my sin has more than that all bh1 and 1 is bh2 im just too lazy :>
_Cocaine_! - Lvl 150 barb
Cocaiinee - Lvl 150 sin
Bangers - Lvl 140 physic
Coocaine - Lvl 150 seeker
<3Tiny - Lvl 150 Wizzard
_Cocaine_ - Lvl 150 Archer
Tinykiller - Lvl 150 Bm
same here lol i know i get good rewards but im lazy ;d