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Mystical Elixir

Offline DevilKat

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I pm GM in game and i think bug is Fix but just dont get 100+ Mystical Elixir in 1 pack
In last days i got 100 Mystical Elixir and when i pick more il start new pack but when i relog all go for same pack and 
so last nite i have 1pack with 150+ Mystical Elixir but today when i log my pack just have 100 and 50+ disappeared
I pick more and teste and think all good now

Offline Milan

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yea happend to me too and im seriouse now 50+ gone 100 on stack still there

Offline Flavor

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When xpend move to Storm, I have 374 pcs(3 stacks 100pcs and 74 pcs since you can only stack them up to 100) of Elixirs on my archer (PearlieChan). When I log trade all my elixirs to my other chars, it stacks in 1 all together. When I traded it again on my archer, then put it in the bank, it became 100pcs. Can any GM please investigate or help me with my problem?

Offline Agatio

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Please make post in Helpdesk about the issue.