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Needs help with Demon Cultivation

Offline wade08

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Good day all.
I just started the game, and i am stuck at 50) Kill the Zombie Legion Marshal, the Dark Legion Marshal, and the Legion Marshal in the Valley of Reciprocity.
I cant seem to find a squad for full gv.
Any kind souls willing to help me please?

ign: xWei
server 1

Offline Dewy

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It does not matter what server you play on, everyone ends up in the same game. My cleric on 1 can get stuff from my bank on 2. Amazing, isn't it.  ;)

There are regular shouts for full GV's and if you whisper the one that WC's about it that you need your culti, it usually is not that much of a problem to get a spot. However, if you're still in your 110 gears, your survivability may be too low, so make sure you have better than that. 140 primal should get you out alive and as a Celestial Demon.

As I am currently both busy irl and having some problems with my health, I cannot tell you to pm me in game as I don't know when I will be there. I would have no problems taking you, always willing to help someone with their cultis, and I know I am not the only one. Good luck on finding a squad!

Offline Balnazar

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Yup, like Dewy said, you should try to get 140 first and then do your culti in GV. You'll see people shouting in world chat for full GV squads. PM them for joining and finish the GV and you'll finish your culti. All the best and happy gaming! :)
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Offline Chawlie

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Keep an eye on world chat, I see full GV's at least once a day. Or just start your own and world chat for party members. But...

If you're doing this just to get celestial demon so you can use certain demon skills, then... well, I'm sorry, but you've spent alot of time doing unnecessary quests.

After completing your 89 culti in eden for your 3rd spark, you can use the Third Demon Fairy, purchased from the boutique with vote gold. Right-clicking it gives you celestial demon immediately.

No further cultivation quests required unless you want to switch from demon to sage. Though, if you are just starting the game, I imagine it would be faster and easier to simply make a new character sage rather than go through the entire cultivation process to switch.