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Winter Screenshot Event

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Winter -- my second favorite, and Perfect World's second most beautiful, season.  From the clean, crisp smell and crunch of snow to the warm and lingering taste of hot cocoa.  As winter lives and dies, we are reminded of what it was truly like to be a little one once more: braving the bite of cold with mittens and fighting the foreboding chill of wind one snowball at a time.

Capture the holiday season in a screenshot! You may submit up to five screenshots, and these do not have to be consecutive (you do not have to upload/link them in the same reply).
Filters, words and frames are allowed.

Important: These screenshots must be your own. Uploading/linking someone else's work will result in a disqualification and a one day ban. I do not tolerate plagiarism.

There will be five winners. Winners will receive 850 EC upon the ending of this event. This event ends on Sunday, December 22, 2013 at 5 PM (17:00) Server Time.

You don't want to exasperate GN Sleep  :pig-11: :pig-37:

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Only going to post 1 but hope ya like it

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Will update with more later.

And...I ran out of ideas.  :normal-12:
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Winter is my Only favorite

thanks for event
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 well  this one is mine and yes my hubby is on the pic  to  :P

Hope its a nice one

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My entry :3

Updated with one more :3
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ToadGod - Nightshade Duskblade - Hippity Hoppity get off my property
NockinMantis - Elven Archer - Apserino Scruberino
Nocking - (Archery) to fit (an arrow) on a bowstring

apply at http://0fk.shivtr.com/

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The first one I did just for fun. Q_Q
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Will add more later ^^.

Last one would make a pretty desktop picture  :normal-12:

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here are my screenies <3


Last one would make a pretty desktop picture  :normal-12:

 :tiger-1: Thanks I changed it a bit wasn't quite happy xD.

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