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So I am a noob.

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Can someone break down the gears. By Which is the best? Rank? Ect. Very specifically?
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the best gear = r8r (if u rich enuf to get cool stats)
u could use dragon but they r less good than r8r
sorry idk how to explain stuff kthxbai
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R8 is our strongest gear-set with Dragon equips coming right after. Cube Necklace, Warsong Belt, Dragonchild's Scale Necklace are the best accessories, Ascended Dragon Robe/Supreme Cape are both endgame, the upgraded R8 ring and dragon rings are currently endgame and finally the dragon helms are endgame gears.

Whatever combination of these items you have depends on you and what kind of class youre using and what build youre deciding to use.

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