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Wraithslayer Quest in Morai


The Wraithslayer Missive quest that requires one person of each of the three orders in group is glitched. It will only allow you to pick up the missive if you're out of an order. Its a weekly quest and should be able to be picked up by everyone in an order... not everyone out of an order... xD Anyway, I'd love it if this could be fixed. ^^;

It should be a quest that everyone in group, minimum of one member of each order, picks up the missive, then the group leader takes the quest from the head of any of the orders and the quest should trigger for everyone else in group. Then you all go into this little cave and kill a boss, it gives a nice amount of prestige and influence.


Yes, I noticed this as well.

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Well, I've told Night and Magestic about it. I think the issue was passed on to Agatio, but I've never heard back about it, either.

We'll see!