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Can someone please tell me something about cleric like what skills to use in PV and in PK, Where to Put Points,is he a 1 v 1 char. ... please tell  :P

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You can find various guides online of different builds and the such you may want. Really, it'll depend on how you want to play your Cleric. Support? Metal mage? etc.

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Don't mad qll.

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use the search button :<
but this one is for support cleric,idk what u wanna be so

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As suggested, try using google or reading guides already posted on how to play Cleric.

But in that case I'll give it a shot. Some skills you need for PV are: Plume Shell, Ironheart Blessing, Stream of Rejuvenation (Don't use this until later because of slow casting), All buffs, Razor Feathers, Tempest.
Just pull mobs, use Plume Shell, stack a few Ironhearts, and then kite kite kite, spam aoes. How I did it. If you can, get Wings of Protection early (level 79 skill). As for PK, test it yourself. Via character points, play with it yourself, if you want I'd advice doing the typical 79 STR rest go into MAG just for 110 - 150 and then restat to how YOU want for PK.

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Take Floppy and Angel's suggestions it will help you in gearing and leveling your EP. If you are not looking for support the should be a alternative guide on DD cleric (Metal Mage) somewhere on forum.  :smiley: