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Patcher/Launcher won't start

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So, my problem is simple:
When I try to launch the Launcher [DUHH], thus simply shows up the Loading Screen, and an message saying "Connecting to the servers"; A few seconds after that, it close up.

I checked my Internet; It's OK.
Disabled my Anti-virus; Nothing.
Looked for the "Common Bugs"; None helped me.

Does anyone know how to fix this? ;)

P.S.: I hadn't this bug 6 months ago..

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-Bump- [Sorry for Double Post, though.]

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You should try posting at the helpdesk

Try opening the game through the element client (element.exe). If it works like that then there is no problem with your version. If it doesn't allow you to open the game, make sure to have the correct serverlist (here at the bottom of the post)

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Oh, okay then. I'll be posting there. Thank you! ^^

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1. Error: Patcher message: Update server connection fails
- Run the patcher as administrator and check again
- Add launcher.exe / patcher.exe / elementclient.exe to your antivirus exception list and check again
- Copy updateserver file attached to the bottom of this post and paste in EPW/patcher/server. Then restart the patcher and check again
- Run fixit.bat in EPW/launcher and then click 'Verify' button on game patcher
- if methods above fail, please patch the game manually: http://epicpw.com/menu/patches/
- Restart the PC and router, then check again
- Alternately redownload / reinstall the client

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