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Youtube's New Copyright System.

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Well Youtube has a new blanket system I am sure you have all heard about but this video shows how bad this system is and how much its actually hurting video makers.

Warning lots of bad language.

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Could have seen this coming...
We're talking about Google after all... Constant Rules changing over and over again in a short amount of time.

GG Google / RIP Youtube :tiger-18:

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Google, slowly killing YouTube and burning it to the ground.

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Youtube is walking a rather fine line.  If they don't cooperate with groups like the RIAA etc they will get sued. Essentially cooperate or face attempts to take youtube down entirely.  These "copyright" organisations have a mini-me in just about every single country as well as varying degrees of copyright friendly law.  Youtube would be sued all over the world. Even if they win most of the cases, which is doubtfull, it's very likely that they will still lose in many countries and be shut down there entirely.  At the very least they would be forced to remove a lot of their content or face massive fines if anything slips by.

In any case, they lose. Doing this just makes them lose a bit less.


This crap is never going to stop untill people elect politicians that will actually change the laws that allow this sort of thing.  So, not very likely any time soon.
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