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Merry Christmas !

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Merry Christmas everyone!

I'd like to introduce my girls just started playing this game !
Pls welcome them and be nice! XD


Merry early Christmas, & welcome  :tiger-23:.


Merry Christmas to you. Welcome to them. :)


Merry christmas & welcome! ^^

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The second butt (butt sounds childish Ik. Just don't wanna give them reasons to delete my posts) is best imo
last is also great. I don't see third sadly
oh and I hope yours is really good too :tiger-42:

welcome to amazon girls :tiger-8:

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Uh, welcome I suppose.


Welcome to epw. Msg me on forum if need help,, 150 and nothing to do these days.

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Right. Welcome I guess.

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Merry christmas and welcome to EPW

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welcome and merry christmas =)

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Welcome, tell me if you need help ^_^

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Welcome to EPW  :tiger-37:
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Merry Christmas & Welcome  :smiley:

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Er, welcome I guess o.o
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