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someones trying to hack my account.

Offline khevbin

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my char was banned coz i was caught with auto reply "S>>MY ACCOUNT".
i was about to ask gm Night for help if its possible to TRANSFER my account
to another email to avoid hack issues. And i guess my account being hack
already because of this auto reply trying to sell my account. and i dont think this
is over for my char,

so please to GM Night dont banned my char. i consider this as an offens but
please dont banned it permanently and if ever granted help me also about the
said problem.

thank you and Godbless to all EPW GM's and FAMILY
hoping for best result. :'(


Offline Night⋆

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GM alt Desist/iBan/_Night
I guess everyone was on my profile :$ 

Offline Agatio

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Any ban lifts or transfers aren't possible as you are fully responsible for all actions taken from your account and for security of your account. Even if someone else was shouting about selling the account, you are still responsible for it.
The only thing possible in your case is changing password of your game and email account - there's no way for you to be hacked after that unless you are trying to give your account away or sell it.

But yeah, you can post on Helpdesk as well

Offline khevbin

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yeah.. i know that changing pass can do better but as possible i want to transfer it.
and anyway Thank you  for the response GM Agatio ^^.
another thing about my char, is there anyway to lessen the banned time? :'(
cant get it over, i spent time for my char to have those gear/items that it has.
help me also about this. thank you :)