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Downloading client

When i click download clent it takes me to a blank page and says downloading from site its been doing this for 30mins is it working??

Offline Agatio

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Choose one of the following links and right click on it.. then choose "save the designated elements as..." and choose the directory where do you want to save it. I really recommend torrent, so you are 99% sure that the client will be downloaded properly. And it also frees some host bandwidth  ;)

EpicPW Genesis client download - torrent

(please seed the torrent once you have downloaded it)

Direct link:
EpicPW Genesis client download
whats the diff from torrent and the direct link?

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the speed only i guess :D
files are the same.

Offline Agatio

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direct = normal...

torrent .. just download  this

and torrent doesn't corrupt, you can pause and start it any time...