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A good fairy for Veno

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Anyone know what stats, skills, etc. I should get on my fairy for pk and pve on a veno?

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Quote from: Agatio on 8/21/2013 at 03:59:55 pm
I spam dartle on demon spark, bitch please

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Anyone know what stats, skills, etc. I should get on my fairy for pk and pve on a veno?
Really, it just depends on your playstyle and your preference. For example, do you like a defensive genie better or an offensive genie? Do you prefer to have your genie do damage or do you prefer to have anti-stun lock genie.

However, some of the main choices you should choose from on any genie would be AD and/or Expel, Extreme Poison, and Fortify. I'm not saying you MUST have those skills, I'm saying they are main candidates for genie skills.
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it very much depends on your play style. for me my veno is HA so her genie is set for an HA veno :)
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I suggest a mag + vit genie.

But then again, it's your own choice.

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Alright thank you guys, but I was wondering what stats should I aim for on r8. I already know I should aim for purify or w/e it called on the pataka and def levels.