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PWI went Yu-Gi-Oh

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New very important upcoming patch in Perfect World is Yu-Gi-OH game cards which u can earn if u got 4k$ worth gear. Kill boss, get card, make a deck and that't it...
We need this too to be better in pk k


That's pretty awesome.

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KESTRA? They're clearly trying to steal my name.

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KESTRA? They're clearly trying to steal my name.

No noo Keratin leaders name D:   QQ we sue np

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Hi Kerea

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Favorit place to  Chill there.

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I will gets the bests of the cards and use to kill people with legndaryt force of them and win all inside the pk.
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Do we ride around on stupid motorcycles too while doing this?

Maybe we begin to "Digivolve" too!?

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