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voting problem

Offline corebiloy

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my brother .. voting and voting but he can get gold ..
plzz fix it thx GM


Offline Kewee

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When you vote, maybe log off the account you vote on. Otherwise your gold won't come through/takes forever to come through. If you vote while online, relog. I don't know if that'll fix your problem, but yeah..

also, wrong section friend   :monkey-1:


Offline Broobndoobn

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It normally does take a bit if you're still logged in. Try relogging or simply waiting a bit.

Offline Dewy

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Brother may well be at the same IP-address. If that is the problem, take turns voting.

Offline gwyn

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If  you and your brother play from the same IP address only one of you can vote at a time.  Like my fiance and I we have to take turns voting, he votes one day I vote the next. It does suck and it does take longer to build up gold but I deal with it.

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You could also make use of your mobile phone's 3G network. (other IP address)
I do that whenever internet is down or if I am not at home at the moment when I can vote again.