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bug negative exp in quest martial arts master

Offline AlexFenix

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hi,  my account is  ASESINA,  SIN,  GUILD  cataCrew.
I write this post because I want solution. after many weeks of late nights, achieved together 10,000 + buying and farming back, and achieve change for something more than 51,000 order of blessing in the martial arts master. I was at lvl 148 with 92% (925 million) of exp to go to lvl 149, when you activate the quest blessing from heaven, disappeared 51.000 + order of blessing, but it went up to lvl, be at lvl 148 with exp some 1.8 billion negative. When our gm agatio entered my mind, part of the problem solved, I leave my account lvl 148 with only 83% of exp. but not the experience of the 51.000 + order of blessing, so I want to please, solution. that join mats 10,000 + fc is not easy, are weeks of play, now in vain. I ask please fix, because it could happen to anyone and not feeling well. Thanks for your time.

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Hmm this is a difficult situation for gms unless you have proof then its kinda hard to tell if u actually had 51k orders and surely if u farmed fc that many times you would already be around 149-150, this happened to someone on another server with a diff item then gms found out he was just saying it to get free items I'm not calling you a lier btw im just saying + 51k orders = 100% at lvl 149 so maybe it glitched and went over the actual amount.
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had the same problem,but i got some proove screens for it
talk with aga about that

Offline Agatio

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Alex sorry for ignoring you after I fixed your negative exp, it was because I did not understand what are you talking about, as I had no idea about this quest and the required mats / exp gain.
Please PM me in game once again and we will find the solution.

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gm, my problem is identical to the DrakeX, just did not capture any screen, and not believed it necessary to think it was laggy, so I have only my word and you then enter my account and was found with negative experience in my own ASESINA , DrakeX well as my stay in-1.8xx.xxx.xxx exp billion.
I lost what are some 51,000 + order of blessing or 2.1 billion exp.

as I repeat, I have only my word and my conduct in the game.

I own 3 accounts lvl 150:
RED * ANGEL = archer lvl 150
AlexFenix = bm lvl 150
SUPREME lvl = PSY 150
all achieved with great effort and many hours of dedication
and this is the first time I have a problem like this.
I just hope you can help me get those 2.1 b exp I lost by some kind of bug.

in advance, I appreciate your time and help Agatio sr.

Thank you. :'(

Offline Agatio

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Ok thanks, I will contact with you in game once I am back from work

Offline AlexFenix

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thanks Agatio to solve my problem very fast and practical way. +10 As the best admin.
And forgive me for not being more clear yesterday. bye! :)