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Best Pet Skill for Veno

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Hi All

Need advice about veno pet skill, as I read thru earlier threat. Noted that Pounch (Stun + Aps Boost), Claw (Atk Boost) and Fresh Ream (Bleed).
However, I only managed to find Claw and Fresh Ream from the NPC. Anyone able to advice where do i obtain the Pounch skill for my pet, since anniversary pet doesn't come with any skill though :)

Really appreciate in advance for the advice and info. :)


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the pounce skill book name is boo-boo you can obtain it from Mrs zoologist  south arc pet shop
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I saw that skill from the NPC, thanks a lot for the information.
Appreciate a lot :)

And another noob question, how many skill each pet can learn? :P
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I think pounce is useless because it doesnt work100% ud better be of geting howl since it decreases oppnents magic defense :-\
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Actually, the best versions of some skills for veno are avaliable from Material Supplier Vault in Faction Base.
  • At Vault III there is Protection skill scroll which gives Your pet +180% magical resistance (Protection skill scroll avaliable from Zoologist gives +150% magical resistance)
  • At Vault V there are 3 skills - Protection, Reflection (gives back 80% incoming damage, while Claw, maxed, from Zoologist 70%) and Agressiveness (increases pet attack 35%, while Claw from Zoologist +30% maxed).
  • At Vault VI are avaliable all of before + better Strong skill, increases Your pet physical resistance 180% (Strong from Zoologist 150% maxed).

As far as I know there aren't any Faction with Vault higher than III. If it will be leveled, depends of Factions' Leaders. Another cons of them are their high cost (24k contributions + few milions coins, 33 if I remember correctly but not sure). But I believe all of keen on venos would do base quests to have ability to gain them. :D

Actually, Flesh Ream is better skill for PvP, but if You want to train pet for PvE and use if for farming/grinding from mobs, Bash (physical) and all of elemental Bash (Toxic Mist, Thunderbolt, Fire etc), are better. Flesh Ream has 15 sec cooldown so during that time You've got triple base physical damage (initial hit with base physical attack of pet +200% this attack during 9 seconds) and can't reuse it during 15 second cooldown. So meanwhile pet would use his auto attack. While Bash and his elemental fellows all have 8 second cooldown, so You've got doubled physical attack, from the beggining of every 8 seconds and meanwhile auto attack only. So Bash hits more frequently. In practise it looks like that: my pet with Flesh Ream as his first attack while killing a mob use this "stronger" hit only once, while my pet with Bash as first attack during killing mob - can use THIS skill twice. So making more damage in time, better build aggro. Flesh Ream is better for PvP - bleed from it, especially from Night Owl and her fellows (Bat from Halloween event, Phoenix from Anniversary event), hurts a lot.

Pounce is nice skill but can't be reuse during 30 seconds and this is his real con. Description in the game is false, You have APS boost every time Your pet use this skill, NOT only when he stun Your target. It is said in Perfect World wiki.

Actually, every skill is great depending on Your playstyle, so noone can tell You what is best for You. You need to know it, what do You want to use that pet for. :) Here skills aren't cost much, at lvls 140+ You usually have enough spirit and coins to simply have fun with teaching Your pet new skills for try only, till You'll find the one You like most. :)

Looking at skills that interested You most, it looks like You'd like to have a pet DD-ing than tanking one. So skills posted by You looks nice but You should notice that while using this pet You would be forced to heal it more often sometimes. :) I would add to this Bless (+30% to HP of Your pet for an hour) or Strong (+150% phys res to Your pet, as physical resistance since phys res is the one counted most).

You can have only 4 skills on Your pet.

You may want to teach Your pet skills in this order: Pounce, Flesh Ream, Claw, Bless/Strong. Every one hour blesses last. Pounce as first, becouse Your pet would use this skill automaticly if You don't order him to do different, so You would have APS boos to very another hit done by Your pet. You should post Flesh Ream as repetable skill (skill that have set yellow border around, You can do it by right click of Your mouse on that selected skill), then Your pet would use it automaticly each time his cooldown would allow him.

If You want to have any curse on Your pet, choose Howl (lower opponent magical resistance) or Pierce (lower opponent physical resistance). Pierce, if You want to Your pet kill faster, almost alone (it would compliment his own attacks or Your attacks in fox form). Howl, if You want to kill also (in human form, it would be better skill for PvP since You would hit then even harder). You should replace by it any skill of Your four, but Flesh Ream/Bash should stay without any question. :D So You would have:
  • Pounce, Flesh Ream/Bash, Howl/Pierce, Claw - You with Your pet would kill fastest, but You would need to heal Your pet more often
  • Flesh Ream/Bash, Howl/Pierce, Claw, Bless/Strong - pet kill fast; with Bless he would have more HP, with Strong more physical resistance since it would mostly receive physical damage, as close contanct, but when he would receive magical damage You would need to heal him more often
  • Pounce, Flesh Ream/Bash, Howl/Pierce, Bless/Strong - reliable DD-ing pet with curse

Make note if it's not You're looking for. :) Cheers!

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Wow... Thanks a lot guys... really help a lot with all the information here...
Appreciate a lot... Thanks Marty too, very detail information. Will try it later when I'm online, coz my Veno now still low level, below 120 though... And I'm not in any faction, hence I don't think I'll be able to get those skill from faction base.
And I managed to get the anniversary pet and notice the pet no skill, that's why I'm so confuse. And no description on the pet skill scroll... hehehe...