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1.Which is a better PVP Mystic Demon or Sage?

2. Which is better Caster or Damage type?

3. Any Combo's to share on how to kill easily Melee Classes like Sin, BM and Barb?

4. Who do you think is the best mystic in the server?


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5. What genie skills are essential for PVP Mystic?


1. Most are demon. I've been both sage and demon mys ... and personally I like demon better. Sage more tanky. 
2. More channel the better so you can insta heal ... and lower casting time of absorb soul. Slow channel on mystic can be brutal.
3. Anything with befuddling creeper, energy leech on mistress etc, rapid growth, lucky break. *On another note learn to just use everything ... things like craggy, salvation for the most part, and a few of the plants you probably won't use.
4. I seem to be out of the loop of knowing. wtf have I been doing .. so oblivious.
5. Basic arcane genie skills .. holy path, extreme poison, ad, fortify, chi siphon helps as well. etc etc.

I apologize for not being much of help I'm tired, and I'm sure there is someone more pro that can add on to whatever I've said.

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1. Demon more viable for 1v1 cause of his HF effect on ticket and so on,chi for ever(35 chi every pet call)
2.Caster for sure
3.Chihyu,stun,call chihyu,sleep plant,get chi,mistress for WRs, chihyu again for sin/ea/wb/seeker(as u said,phy dealers damagers) ,the debuff creeper without leeching it,leech mistress/chihyu,Growth,nature vengeance,AS,blazing,gale force,bramble tornado AS (that depends on class) and if u fight low mdef classes like sin,ea,wb,seek,use lucky break and spam only magic skills,AS will fail on sin,on WB will have low damage,on seeker low damage, in EA Any skill can work,gf.
4.Best mystics : Frizzle,Apprentice
5.AD,Fortify,will surge,expel,faith,extreme poison, these are basics.

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Sages are better imo and brst mystics are frizzle and varen
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Thanks for this. I'll try every bits of info I have here.

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Demon = DD
Sage = Support

And best mystic is Apprentice


1 advice dont rely on combos as mystic, if you're combo reliant you gonna get clowned by wood immunity

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1 advice dont rely on combos as mystic, if you're combo reliant you gonna get clowned by wood immunity
This guy Apprentice=god lvl mystic #1


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1. Demon

2. Channeling op

3. Use your creeper, utilize pet stuns, bramble tornado, gale force, rapid growth, and devil absorb. Don't think about combos. Just strategies.

4. Frizzle and Apprentice

5. Holypath extreme poison expel AD evil ward fortify cloud erupt
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>get vit/mag genie
>get OP gear
>get OP Purify wep
>spam expel against physical classes (pray for puri proc)
>spam AS against magic classes

You're good to go.

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Pls GN remov pshy it are to strong im cant kill it
all time seal
they is always go wait vodo wen i spark and noob phys immunity
pls remov

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Any other inputs?

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1 advice dont rely on combos as mystic, if you're combo reliant you gonna get clowned by wood immunity
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