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Hello, I have ran with a group 3 times and each time we did not receive the quest at the end. We made sure everyone received quest at start and that everyone had well exceed the points needed to turn in at the end. We also finisher it within the desired time. We also tried different leaders for each run.  I then proceeded to  talk to Ruin the 2nd time it happened and then Night the 3rd time. I was then directed here any help would be appreciated?

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Last time I ran it we finished with time to spare and more than enough points and didn't get it.

I havnt tried since then because it's frustrating. Hope someone can shed some light on it.

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Well even when the quest says 6k or so you need to get a minimum score of 7.5-8k. Time limit is 14mins(to be on the safer side)

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At least 6k BEFORE you kill the boss, but I don't now the seconds. Hubby and I were kinda slow when we did them dual clienting it, but we always were good on time.
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