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DC 15 too many times

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I cannot function any more. I've dc'd over 15 times just today and it's become a random occurance every day. The lag is MURDERING me and I've done everything I can think of to lower it on my side. Is there any way you guys could fix it please? It's depressing me now.. I can't enjoy playing anymore when I'm disconnecting every 20 minutes.

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try not playing for a while instead of logging in after dcing 3223486238723x and then saying how its deppresing you, or get a better net

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i don't think it's server problem, it might be your net so try upgrading it or maybe changing ur net to other company that faster browsing etc.
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I dc at random times, something that I never did prior to the previous update.  It's not my isp, so don't start with that reply.. ty

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I'm actually getting really tired of the lag/dcing. Its not my net ether I have the fastest my provider gives. Many other people are having dc's to.

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Dc at random times to but when i log back on it's not just me people spam in wc i dc and all that

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The server wide dc's tend to only happen like twice a day from what I've seen.  If you're dc'ing 15+ times, then it's not an issue you can take up with the server.  You may want to contact your service provider.


try to update ur graphic card driver..

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the problem with the lag/dc issues is that it's really hard to pinpoint since not everyone has lag.  I know that while people were experiencing lag yesterday, my ping was in the green (it's normally yellow).

If you're DCing 15 times a day, that is more than likely not a server issue.  You may need to change your net provider, or maybe your router's biting the dust.  That can cause issues too.