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what is the best easy fast way to farm EC in this server(new player)

Offline timemanager

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BH once a day, Full GV, there are so many ways it all depends on you but in my opinion BH and voting. and in the mean time you can't do both bc BH is once a day, just stay full GV.

Don't make the mistake thinking that you can farm 20k ec in 3 days and be full because you can't. Unless you donate.

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First of all: http://epicpw.com/guides/antihero%27s-amazing-guide-to-searching!/

If you do that, you get:


And many many more.

Please, use the search button or have a look first. We have a great guides sections and you have posted several topics that have already been answered.

♥ Love and will miss you guys ♥
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Just go GV, but the easiest way is to be a sin first so you can farm easily :D


easiest way is spamm bh's :3
but also super boring.

Offline Cynix

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PvP events. That's how I get my ecs.
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Offline Glorian

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Just go farm the shrine of ancestors faster the running through pc then restarting just 4-7ec

Offline Jeromey

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read through the guide section to find a EC's farming guide