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ive been gone for a bit.

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I should be back on tonight...<---Ceefoo.  :P

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Ohhh...I might be looking for a faction. who is still around?


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the name rings a bell,..

that's about all i had to say.


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I should be back on tonight...<---Ceefoo.  :P
You're a seeker, right? If so I believe I remember you =P
Welcome back

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Welcome back  :D

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Welcome back Cee. Overseers is still around and now Arocidal is the leader. She was just talking about you a bit last week actually from our days back in Requiem I think it was. Anyway have fun with where ever you end up.

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Welcome Back CeeFooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Bout Damn Time!

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Welcome back!


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I think i remember you..
But welcome back!