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Patch v77 - EPW 2nd Anniversary!!!

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There are two days left until our second anniversary! On the 16th of November 2011 we had opened the server to the public. All the staff, and myself, would like to thank our amazing community! Because of your undying support we always find the dedication and the entertaining ideas to make this experience better and better! It is a great pleasure to work for you! You guys are the best! Thanks to you the server has grown as big as it is and has been #1 for over a year, and for that we are extremely grateful!

And I would like to thank our wonderful GM Team that is constantly working on improving the game. Without you it would be so much harder!

For this occasion we will be having x2 rates for the next 5 days!
Also we have prepared special Anniversary patch!
Check here to learn more. 
Manual Patch is available here.

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Special Anniversary NPC!

New Anniversary NPC can be found in the main cities. During the next days you'll be able to take special gift from her once a day! Only players with level 145 or higher can take the quest.

Gift contains one of the following:
  • 25 Epic Coins - 55%
  • 50 Wonderful Draught Potions- 17%
  • Anniversary T-Shirt Ticket - 10%
  • Anniversary Pet Ticket - 10%
  • Event Token - 5%
  • Random Boss Card - 3%

Anniversary Pets and T-Shirt

EPW T-Shirt

Small Fairy Foxy (All-Class Pet)

Battle Fairy Foxy (Venomancer Pet)

Heliacal Phoenix (Venomancer Pet)

Imperial Skeleton (Venomancer Pet)

EPW boss cards

Boss cards can be obtained from EPW Anniversary Gifts or exchanged for red Twilight Temple materials. Once you acquire the card, you can use it to summon the boss. In order to do this, head to the Secret Frostcovered Grounds (FB 51) and choose the pillar which summons the boss according to your card. Each card can be used only once. At the moment there are 6 different cards:
  • Hammerfall Card (drops Super Level Scrolls)
  • Harpy Wraith Card (one of the most powerful EPW bosses)
  • Avenger Cards (moderate EPW boss)
  • Three Twilight Temple Cards (Twilight Ancestor, Medusa and Illusion Lord)

New Daily Quest! (level 150)

Part I
Speak to Lochmur·Locke (637 984) and take quest The Treasure V
Obtain 3 Chest of Treasures from Treasure Ruin (637 962)
Speak to Lochmur·Locke (637 984) to complete the quest
Reward: 15 Epic Coins

Part II
Speak to Lochmur·Xar (140 856) and take quest The Treasure IX
Obtain 3 Chest of Treasures from Treasure Ruin (148 860)
Speak to Lochmur·Xar (140 856) to complete the quest
Reward: 15 Epic Coins

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This looks great! I'm loving the pets and the tshirt.
Happy Anniversary, EPW!

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I love the drawing! Echo did a great job on it!

Happy anniversary, EPW. :d


Amazing job! Thank you.

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Happy almost  birthday EPW <3

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Happy Birthday and keep up the good job :*


Very nice patch. Thanks! Happy anniversary, EPW. :)

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Cant go wrong with fashion, pets and new quests. woot more 2x

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MUST HAVE PETS! Very nice patch :normal-32: :normal-34:

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happy anniversary  :monkey-47:

and thanks for the freebies and x2  :monkey-46:

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Will pets be tradable? Or are bound to account?  ???

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Dat skeleton dino pet.
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happy anniversary

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Happy anniversary
Thanks for the patch.

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