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Short server maitenance

Offline Agatio

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Hello guys, there is issue with the server's hardware. Technicians asked me to turn off the server, so they can fix the problem. Server should be back in around 15 minutes.

Also, I will use the maintenance to upload new files for the upcoming patch. Sorry for this downtime.

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Offline イんノ尺Ц

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thx for info  ;)

Play it as just a ******* game ;)

Offline Resolve

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15 minutes perfect time for a quickie thanks for the info boss man.

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Offline bonykol

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x2 drop ! ! ! wooo !  ;D

Online Nea

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Offline Mynx

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thanks for the info Aga, now what to do while waiting...hmmm  :tiger-3:
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Offline reyzkie03

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Thats OK sir :D

Maybe New LOGO will Patch also ? hehe

Offline BlackJack

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oki Agatio Just Calm down PLL


Offline Kewee

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15 minutes perfect time for a quickie thanks for the info boss man.

Offline CorrupteD

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aww...ok maybe 2x drop also come again  :P :P

Offline RainsWolf

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thankyou for the update :D

Offline Zuxtain

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This is why EPW is better than PWI. Instant replies from GM's, info and fixes. Long live EPW!!