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Cleric vs veno vs mystic

14 (45.2%)
8 (25.8%)
9 (29%)

Total Members Voted: 25

Voting closed: June 30, 2012, 09:48 pm

Cleric vs mystic vs veno best classs

Offline elijah00

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Cleric vs mystic vs veno

Offline Rikou

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Cleric all da way baby.
Rikou [Sin] 150
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Offline Eina

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a good Mystic can kill both so I vote Mystic!

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Offline CENT

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Pk vs cleric or veno mystic wins hands down. Pve mystic is great for solo play

Offline Leader

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Mystic for the win

Offline geriatrix

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PvE: Mystic was easiest of those 3 for me. Could solo highest mobs, compared to current toon lvl.
PvP: my Cleric (with Plume Shell and Seals) very few can beat. Some people try to kill Devil or Mistress first, and Mystic kill them.
(For the record: I don't like PvP. That's why I voted for Mystic.)
Of course, for every class you have to know your skills. Classes that you like more will be easier to learn.
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But reconsider price. You might decide to lose.

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They all have their roll to play?
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I would say Demon Cleric Ruuulez ^^ my wife an me both were in some TW guilds on Sanctuary some players just turned when they saw us both my wife mainly sealing and me sparking deadly combo 1 or 2 Hits KO

Offline Elly

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Elly - 150 Sage venomancer
Decipher - 150 Demon mystic

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Offline Anima

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Demon Cleric in my opinion.
depends on what u want it for.....

Offline CENT

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Demon Mystic- stun seal interupt, 2 aoe attacks, knockback, heals, self buffs, healing plants, debuffing plants, resurect, summons which sheild damage, aoe, seal, stun, or just do massive damage with cragglord. list goes on a good mystic is the best all around character compared to veno or cleric. they all have there place yes but as a head to head comparison mystic is best rounded toon. TW mystic is the only toon that can heal crystal :P

Offline Delirium

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a good Mystic can kill both so I vote Mystic!

Correction: A good player can kill any class.

Take it from someone who has played all three, they each have their own playstyle and diferent ways they go about killing their opponent.

Play the class YOU ENJOY the MOST, learn to play the class and then kick some ass with the class. >:]
I prefer playing a mystic but thats mainly due to the fact its fun and the lore of learning a new class, however I'm not going to vote because I love my Cleric and Veno too. :')

^Made by me! :P
Mhm. x'D

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every class is good and can kill any class if you know how use your char
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Demon Cleric in my opinion.
^what he said :P