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New Update Patch

Hello, i have a problem with the new update, when i try to log in in game a message appear: your current client program version is low. please exit and update.

But automatic update doesn´t update and i tried manual update and nothing happen too.
Please how i can fix?? its only me?


Mine did that as well. You can try to manual patch it. Make sure a client is not running as well. Retry it and make sure you run from the patcher.exe and it worked fine for me the second time.

Offline Agatio

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 also you can try solutions from issue #1 there:  http://epicpw.com/support/known-issues-and-fixes/
Thank you! i did this and worked


Same issue here, on PC worked just fine, on lappy it's having trouble:


Thank you! i did this and worked

Another client was running on the background, from today morning. Closed and restarted launcher, worked. Thank you though.