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Change the Event Forge

Offline Lockon

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I have been noticing lately looking for demonic tokens that the event forge is way over priced with the economy. I think a change to move the prices closer to there gold/Ec price counter-part would be nice.
A example for why this should be done the price on all demonic tokens is about 2x more then buying from others at the normal 25 Ec each   

TY for your consideration.

Offline Meese

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While I agree that it is way overpriced, the point of it being more expensive is to encourage the sale of gold people get from donations (mainly) and voting. If all the stuff in the forge were to be changed to reflect the current economy, the amount of people buying/selling gold would decrease and as a result would discourage some people from donating.

Also, lets not forget that prices fluctuate constantly, and there would be no guarantee that what you pay now for all those items would be what you pay in lets say in a months time. I personally think there is no need for that forge to be there any longer.

Offline Xcution

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Pretty much useless, only useful to make g16 and g17 weapons (primal and nirvy)
Sometimes it comes in handy though. If you for example need few WoB's or elixirs and nobody sells em or just doesn't sell in very low quantities.  Forge doesn't ask for food, does it?
It can be there just as extra feat that, though rarely, is still used.

Offline Deea

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I think they should be let like that.Honestly if you can't find anyone to sell it and you get angry you will just go for it.