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Okay so, today I was glad to see the guy from this thread running around with his ban lifted.


Can you just... Delete the guards here?  Or move the boss.

Because every time I go, the boss is aggroing them. Like here (ik its hard to see I didnt wanna get too close and aggro it/get 2shot because I didnt put my buffs on or paying attention to my hp).

And like I said in that thread, the boss is way too close to them. All you need is some sad person that stays there all day waiting to screenshot every person that does that and, oh you get a lot of people banned and upset because they didn't mean to do it. Especially new players, or those who haven't killed it before, not knowing about this. They wouldn't want to break the rules, but could end up doing so by accident.

So like, easy solution just delete the guards or move the boss more away from them so its not so easy to pull it to them. Whether you meant to exploit it or not its  too easy and honestly I don't want to go and kill it knowing I could get banned for standing in the wrong area, or one of my squad mates. That's just a hassle. If not that, it's easy for people who do want to exploit it to do so, lol.

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Guards dmg got reduced already, so it's not problem anymore.

But GM team reaction really scared me - 1st they put custom EPW boss next to guards, then ban players who fight this boss. I killed that boss once too, and just after he got attacked he aoe and guards start attack him, so as you said everyone who farm this boss could get banned for... nothing? These boss drop are joke in time consumption/reward ratio. But most scary Agation reaction with ban lifting  :shocked:

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Agatio mentioned he will be reducing the guards damage to 1 soon, aggroing the guards should no longer be a problem when he does. ^-^

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This has already been brought to our attention and it should be changed in the near future.

Closed anyhow as we are aware of this and doesn't need further comment. Thanks ^-^

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Those 2 Guards will be removed in the next patch.