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Quicken Sacred Stone Bug

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Hey there,
I have been testing this bug out for quite a while now. I have the Quicken sacred stone imbued in my Bm's 130 claws but they don't proc at all and I have been using them on bosses and they have not even proc'ed once within the 5 minutes I was constantly hitting them. I even looked at the character screen attack rate number. No change.
Yet, on my sin's 130 dags, they proc fine. I'm wondering if this is a bug or they won't work on claws.

Many thanks,

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If the weapon has a status, the stone wont work. Ex, you cant put quicken stone in lv 150 bow because quicken and spirit blackhole will cancel eachother.

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one more thing are you using 2 sacred stones in the claws? or 2 pcs Quicken stones in it?

Solved: he was using Quicken and holy sacred stone together.
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